Now or Later?

I am nineteen years old student and have not yet started bodybuilding. I desperately want to start but I have got a problem. The problem is that I have to give an entrance exam 5 months later for which I have to study almost 13 hours a day.

Thus I cannot go to gym. The only equipment that I have are 2 barbells and some weight. I also do not have money to buy any supplements but after the exam I will have much money if I qualify{my parents will give since it is a very important and crucial exam}. So do you recommend me to start bodybuilding. If yes how?

Yes start you dont need anything more than you have. A few minutes a day. a barbell and a little gumption and hell your bodybuilding. Just go pick up heavy shit.

It can be a great stress releiver. You dont need a gym or supps to go Lift and better yourself. that can come in time. Do whayou can for now. No excuse in putting it off just because its not Optimal;. You will NEVER have the perfect situation. So if you wait for that you will be waiting FOREVER.

Also it could bge a GREAT stress releiver. Just take 10 mins and go toss round some weight. Every little bit is a TON better than the NOTHING you are doing now.

read godd ole’ Vroom Beginners thread and go for it.

Come on back with any questions,

Some of the strongest men in history built their physiques using nothing but some old barbell sets in a basement.
Go for it.

This is like a fat person debating when he should start his diet.

Start today!

You don’t need to overcomplicate training. Just throw in a basic bodyweight program or lift any other heavy objects that you have access to. You don’t need supplements or a gym membership.

You just need to apply progressive resistance to your muscles and there are many ways to go about doing this.

you have 2 barbells or 2 dumbells? either way you should be good to go!!! use big multi-joint movements.

if you need to spend money on anything its likely weight plates which are pretty cheap generally.