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Corn-Fed Blubber
by TC

Variable Cluster Training
by Don Alessi

Staying Power
by Matt Wiggins

Frankenfood: Part 1 of the “Just Suck It Up!” series
by Lonnie Lowery

The Big Sleep, Part II
by JR Elsing

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Is it me, or has Alessi gotten bigger?

I was just gonna say the same thing…bigger and leaner!!

Looking pretty yoked.

He’s a beast!

Loved Staying Power by Matt Wiggins. My thoughts almost exactly on training. More from him please!!! :wink:

“Hockey: Activity may last up to 5-6 minutes (or more) without stopping. You’ll more than likely be interspersing short, quick bursts with slower, less intense ones. You need to be able to “tap” that strength reserve at any time ? and have full use of it.”

5-6 minutes? Has Matt ever played (or even watched) a hockey game?

That sentence stopped me from reading the rest of the article. I’m not questioning Matt’s credibility, but he should stick to writting about sports he’s familiar with.

Never played hockey but the article makes good sense otherwise

Whats up with alessi doing leg extensions and leg press??

Playoffs! :wink:

The Sleep article is so true. When I stopped being a trainer and focused on my moneymaking job, I no longer had to get up at 5am anymore, which usually led to under 6 hours sleep. When that ended, for the first 2 weeks, I was sleeping over 10 hours a day, now I am at about 8 and feel so much better.

From the “Staying Power” article. Wiggins says the average play in football lasts 30 seconds?? Ya gotta be kidding me. More like 5-8 seconds at the very most. Followed by 35-45 seconds of rest.

It’s funny, while reading DA’s article I was thinkin’ to myself

“Self, it’s good that this man is so original in his ideas. It would be awful if he were one of those guys to take an old idea like say Rest Pause, give it a fancy new name and a few small modifications and then claim it as his own. Oh and self, you are one damn sexy MF”


sturat, Poliquin and Thibaudau have also written about clustering, so what’s the beef with Alessi? He didn’t take credit for it or anything. He bigger than you or something? jk

anyone know where I can find any info on this statement?

“Absolute strength is 66% correlated to functional mass.”

I dont see how its possible that anyone can say something as definitive as that.