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Now I've had it....

I’m in the gym tonight wanting to do close grip bench and some moron is using the bench to do curls…with 65lbs no less and it was ugly to watch. He was standing there straddling the bench when 2 curling stations were wide open. When I asked him if he could switch, he looked at me like I had 6 heads. Man I wanted to hit him in the head with a plate. Just my rant.

ive seen it before

Yeah, I’ve noticed recently that when pretty much everybody in my gym does curls they use more English than a professional game of billiards.

Sometimes I feel like going up to them and asking “are those cheat curls you’re doing?” That’d piss em right the fuck off. Thats is they know what cheat curls actually are.

“Rollin’ down the street smokin’ endo, sippin on gin and juice. Laid back. With my mind on my money and my money on my mind.”

I was doing squat last week and this guy asked me if I was done I said no. So he stood there waiting to do his bics when all the ez bar were open. I just shook my head.

I’ve seen it before. I’ve even seen it when the set weight straight bars are right next to the bench, but yet, it’s the lure of the 7 foot bar. Seriously, there were 40-110 lb bars right next to the bench, and the fucker puts 10 lbs on each side, then proceeds to cheat out 5 reps, set after set. It was ridiculous.

Don’t wanna sound dim but what the hell is a curling station? surely people don’t need anything other than a bar and themselves to do curls.

do what we did to some gimp that was using the power rack for curls, asked if he was finished and when he said no proceed to lift him out of the power rack and then squat whilst the others stand and slag them off for curling in the rack.

A curling station is just a rack with the 20-120lbs bars all in a rack…thats all. Sometimes its just a rack about couple feet high with a shorty bar to put the weights on. Nothing big.

I’ll have to remember that idea about just lifting him out…

Yeah, i know the feeling. some idiot is always in the squat rack doing curls. we have a special rack for curls and a seated curling rack too that can of course be used standing up on the other side of it. if he’s in my way i fully expect to ask him to use the curling rack, but i would hate for it to get ugly. if i’m deperate, i’ll go use the smith machine but i hate that thing. i love watching guys load up the curling bar and then use their whole body to curl it. might as well do some cleans if you’re gonna get that involved, hahahaha they would have no clue what that meant anyway though. it’s so entertaining to watch…

SO that’s what one is, god the gym i train in must be ultra-primative!!

as usual the gym always has a few wankers in that think they are great, another good tip is to load the bar up like you are going to squat and then procedd to push press the weight, shuts them up a treat when it’s 100kg mass!

i WISH i could afford to go to a commercial gym… the ratio of wankers is so much lower than my university gym. even better september is coming and a fresh batch of idiots straight out of high school will come to the gym in groups of 4-6 and monopolize the benches, or squat racks for an hour at a time while 1 guy lifts every 5 minutes and the rest stand around sipping water with towels on their shoulders thinking YA WE ARE UNIVERSITY MEN NOW!!!

im not bitter…


ah the truth of training at uni gym, every year we look forward to the two “peak seasons”

september when everyone comes in and does what you just said and january when the “damn i gotta get fit crowd appear” oh to be able to use a cattle prod on the twats!

The couple of weeks before spring break is the worst. Even if I can’t get in a good workout because of all the assgoblins there, at least I can get a good laugh.

oh ya january is even better… thats when u can’t do sprints on the track cause u have said groups walking 4 abreast on the track (and them being fatties in the first place its IMPOSSIBLE to get past).

I’d rather have them curl over benches than in the squat rack. I’ve been known to curl over a bench myself–mostly because our curl rack doesn’t go high enough and we don’t have a surplus of bars. Basically, if you’re curling over 110 in my gym, you’re curling in a rack or over a bench. Over a bench is the lesser of two evils in this situation–especially if you’re supersetting with CGBPs.

If you are having problems with people in the squat rack, feel free to use my signs that I posted in the searchable thread, “Get the F*ck out of the Squat Rack”.

If they are curling in other places that they need not be curling, then I can provide signs for those areas as well.

I am just a public servant.

I saw this yesterday and am still scratching my head. There are three benches lined up in the gym, a flat bench on each end and an incline in the middle. The incline and one of the flats each have an empty bar on them. This guy goes to the flat bench, picks up the empty bar, carries it to the other flat bench, racks the bar and then loads his weight on it to do his set. No one was using any of the benches at the time, so I don’t know what his reason was.

Not really ranting about this, just thought it was kind of funny.

Yeah, while I was resting in between box squats, some woman carrying a triceps rope walked over and was eyeing the bar. I merely had to point to the bar and bark, “Weights, box!” and she backed away saying, “OK, OK,” and left.
Here’s an idea: Take your gym chalk and write “asshole” on the floor next to the jerk using the power rack for curls, stretching, pushups, rubber band flyes, medicine-ball-on-a stick waving, wall squats and cell phone yakking. Or you just write, “Power racks reserved for squatting” on the floor. If management won’t take the initiative, we T-People must take back the racks!