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Now I Want to Bulk Up


I've already been lifting weights for about 2 months now. I did not gain much weight as i only intended to gain strength as a preparation for the workouts in bulking up and also to familiarize myself with the proper form. I think i already have enough to do the workouts needed for me to bulk up. For the past two months, i've been doing this:

Bench press - 10 x 3
Flyes - 10 x 2
Dumbell press - 20 to failure

Triceps Push down - 10 x 3
Dips Behind back - 10 x 3
Skull crusher 15 x 1

Upright row - 10 x 3
Lat Pulldown - 10 x 3

Barbell Curl - 10 x 3
Preacher curl - 10 x 3
Outside Bicep CUrl - 20 x 2

Reverse Curl - 10 x 3
Wrist Curl - 10 x 3

Leg Extension - 10 x 3
Squats - 10 x 3

Leg Curl - 10 x 3

Calf Raise - 10 x 3

Lateral raise - 10 x 3
Military Press - 10 x 3

I also do abs every after workout.

Note that the weights that i use are the heaviest weights that i can lift comfortably and that which i can lift with the proper form in all the reps (10 reps) in every set.

As I intend to bulk up now, should i stick with the exercises that i do and just change the number of sets, reps, and the weights that i use? Like 5 reps x 5 sets in every excercise, using the heaviest weight which i can lift properly? (with that low number of reps, i think i can lift more than what i lift normally) Or should I add more exercise? I also intend to do one body part per day.

Thanks in advance for the help..


Im no mariusz pudzianowski but your routine has a lot of unnecessary stuff. And why do u train your back less then you train biceps. Also I dont get the point of splitting your workout in a million body parts. Do something like starting strength or do a push/pull/legs routine.

You have squats great.
Replace pulldowns with pullups or chinups.
I see no deadlifts.
Military press is there nice.
Upright rows arent really a back movement more delts and traps.
Forearms ehh the rest of your routine should train them enough + close grip pullups do a good job of working forearms.

Dont be afraid to train each muscle twice a week (true over training is rare and you wanna bulk up so heres your chance) Training each muscle twice a week could look something like this...
push pull legs push pull legs rest

Ill leave the rest of the comments to stronger and more experienced people then me. Bulking means nothing without more food.


thanks.. I'll keep that in mind..

How many exercise/s should be dedicated to each body part when bulking up?


That may be more of a personal preference thing. Id say one main exercise and 1 or 2 secondary exercises but for now worry about technique and strength rather then the body parts themselves.

read those articles they should help you out


First: you've got absolutely no business doing a four-part split at this point in the game. The idea behind such a split is that you're working your body hard enough to require a weeks' recovery between workouts, and you're simply not strong enough yet.

Second: get yourself a basic strength foundation. Do Rippetoe's "Starting Strength" or hit the Stronglifts 5x5 site (http://www.stronglifts.com/), read the program, READ the program, and then, since you didn't listen the first two times I told you, READ THE PROGRAM.

Go off and do that for six months.

Drink your gallon of milk a day.

Come back for advice when you're squatting 1.5x BW and you've gained 20-25# of muscle (and yeah, robably 10-15# of fat), but more importantly, you've become familiar with the basic lifts and have some idea of how to respect the iron.

You can look at hypertrophy-specific training after that point, if that's still your goal by then.

Read T-Nation for a ton of great tips (and some stinkers) in the meantime. DON'T go out and try to change up the SS/SL5x5 program for what you're reading every other day, but when the time comes, you can look to apply the knowledge.

And do some reading. Pick up books by Pearl, Bompa, Schuler & Cosgrove, Arnold. See what they've got to say. Buy an ACSM or NSCA text or two. Get an anatomy book. Buy a foam roller. And chalk.


x2. no need to try to reinvent the wheel with your own "routine", Starting Strength has worked for virtually all who follow it. Make sure you eat enough as well. Keep a lifting journal, and track your progress.


I haven't read the program you laid out....But just keep in mind, when you are wanting to bulk up it is all about your food intake and volume.


Uhm, what's wrong with a 4 day split? This is a bodybuilding website and splits are where it's at, beginner or not...as long as you have the main lifts incorporated. How is he going to know what works well for him when he hasn't tried all the other assistance exercises after he's done with something like Starting Strength?

IMO 6 months without a split is 6 months wasted if you want to look the best you can. Starting Strength doesn't do that.


I dont see anything wrong with your viewpoint on it, but I personally was assuming that when the OP stated he was in his first 2 months of lifting, he really meant his first 2 months of lifting weights in any way shape or form, a true beginner vs. someone who knows the basic lifts, how to execute them etc. but not much else in building a bodybuilders physique. Ultimately I'm of the mindset of teaching someone to crawl before they can walk. Just my opinion though, I do agree that at some point a split is necessary for BB development, which i should say most people here would and do agree with


You can learn the basics while doing a split, which i'm sure you agree with. That's really my main point. If i spent my first 3-6 months neglecting body parts (Doing SS), i'm sure i would be correcting even more imbalances than i already am lol.


You can learn the basics while doing a split, which i'm sure you agree with. That's really my main point. If i spent my first 3-6 months neglecting body parts (Doing SS), i'm sure i would be correcting even more imbalances than i already am lol.


I think both I in my original and dshroy in his followup pretty much covered this.

Build the platform. Then bolt on the chrome. I didn't say SS was a hypertrophy program. It will build the foundation you want for one though.

OP has been lifting for 2 months. Or he's lying to us.

As to trying out assistance exercises: there's room for that while doing SS. And unless he's planning on dying in 6 months, plenty of time after.


I'd say any direct forearm work is superfluous at this point, considering you will be gaining a ton of grip strength from working those heavy dead...oh wait, you don't have deadlifts. Best take the advice you've been given here.


Be aware this is not complicated, no need for 2 months of preparing to bulk before starting for example.
Find a beginners program, follow it, eat like it's your job and get enough rest. That really is as complex as this needs to get for the first year or two.


Lmao "unless he plans on dying in 6 months" hahahaha

Ur question was answered in the first reply...
When u sit down to eat...DO WORK...
Can't eat like tweety and be big bird

P.s. id find a way to incorp deadlifts...that's the only of the big three
Lifts u r missing


thanks for all the replies. About the duration of my training, yeah i've ben lifting for 2 months now. I
don't know why would anyone think that I need to lie about that. Apparently an outright dumb person.

The reason why I followed the program I posted is because I listened to some forumers' advice who told me before to read, READ and READ. The program which I posted is a product of that advice. In order to not confuse myself any longer, I started this thread so I can exactly ask what i need to do to bulk up.

I've read about the rippetoes before. but honestly, and i'm sorry to say that i don't enjoy doing it. It seems sticking with it or doing what i don't enjoy will just make me quit. Thus, i searched for another plan.

About the deadlifts, yeah, its unfortunate I missed that. Will be doing that next time I go to the gym. and I thank you for reminding about that.

Regarding my diet, I think I already eat what i should be eating to bulk up. my problem now is the routine.

According to the article recommended by Stan Darsh, In lifting weights you either have this goals: strength, size, fat loss or in some cases, strength and size. I didn't find anything there that if your goal is size, you should or it is better if you first consider strength (contrary to what others say). Thus,the confusion.

So, in order to not complicate things more, can I start with my main goal (bulking up) now? or should I again focus on strength training?

Thanks again for yor help. And please have enough patience in the event i do not fully understand what you are trying to convey.


I do think that most beginners tend to benefit from a more frequent training plan (muscle neurological thing), plus the fact that you recover faster at the start.

But also, they shouldn't neglect bodyparts (e.g. starting strength). There's absolutely no reason to only do 5 exercises or so for the whole body...no point at all (you're not going to get bigger, or stronger by neglecting upper chest, arms, back width, delts...the list goes on).

With that in mind, here's a great split, complements of member King Beef, from his "do this routine instead of that dumb one" thread:

Only additional thing I will say is that it doesn't HAVE to be 6x/week, can be 5 or even 4 some weeks (depending on the schedule of that week and recovery).

This routine will keep you going for years...don't get distracted.

Now get strong, and heavier!

No need to procrastinate :slight_smile:

Feel free to ask questions...


Additional notes, King Beef is a personal trainer with extremely impressive physique (his progress from skinny to huge was amazing and without drugs).

That routine will prevent stagnation so long as enough is eaten including protein. The variety of rep ranges, and exercises ensures this...


Ahh, I see how you get that idea from some articles here. That's the problem with bodybuilding writing - bodybuilding is not rocket surgery and pumping out endless articles means having to complicate things. There are a few articles advocating strength programs stating "you can't get big without getting strong" etc which could confuse a novice.

It's not a chronological thing. You don't have to get stronger and subsequently do a bulk.

In short - bulk from day one.


Thanks for the kind replies.

I think I will first have a break for 2 days before goingback to the gym, and seriously considering doing the king beef workout. Problem is i'm not yet acquainted with some of the workouts incuded. Currently, i'm searching for write-ups about those exercises.

But, could you please educate me why I cannot do one body part per day workout?

Also,is whey protein necessary in bulking up?

thanks again for your replies.. and please, have patience.