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Now I Have a Machine Gun, Ho-Ho-Ho

It’s good to see you still logging and training Spock!

Sending you good thoughts, my friend.

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Well, update.
Started new job and f*cking hated it from the first minute.
I’m not sure if I mentioned this , but back in July I applied for a writing certificate program offered through the U of C. I had to submit some writing before getting approved and nothing was happening so I started chasing this other job and losing motivation to finish my book.
Near the end of August I finally got feedback and approval and they praised my work. An actual published author praised my shit !
I started to feel sad that I wasn’t doing my original plan that I had laid back out in July, but decided to go into my new job with an open mind.
The company had no clue how to organize anything, I was trained for 5 minutes and had no idea what I was doing , and everyone in our zoom meetings looked miserable .
Over labor day weekend I was like F it, there were still spots open for my first course and it didn’t start until the following Tuesday so I dropped a wad on tuition and I’m officially pursing a certificate in writing.
I’m also one chapter away from finishing my book (plus editing).
If anyone is interested in being a beta reader maybe they could slip in their email address and then delete it later ? I could send a couple chapters to get some feedback .
Anyway, no pressure LOL.

Worried about gyms closing again, but right now I’m enjoying a push / pull split.
Squatted and military pressed yesterday and today I’m going to deadlift and do some back accessories.



I’ll give a chapter a once over if you’d like. An email is in my profile under my avatar if you hit the “expand” tab.


Wooo thank you!!! I’ll send you chapter 1 and 2 and you can read as much or as little as you have time for :slight_smile:

I appreciate your time !!!

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Would love to read a chapter. As someone based in the UK and not US could give ‘different cultured eyes’ to it.
Let me know and I’ll drop my E-mail :slight_smile:

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Really glad to hear you pretty much finished the book, but that’s not how e-mails are shared on the board, as per policy.

Members can post their e-mail address and/or social media pages in the About Me section of their profile.

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Thanks @Chris_Colucci !!

Thanks so much!! If you pop your email address in your about me section I can grab it and send you a couple chapters :slight_smile:

I appreciate the support nation !! :sparkling_heart:


@Chris_Colucci I have a question on that. I have my e-mail in my ‘about me’ but it has a note saying ‘never shown to the public’ and I don’t see a way to change that and make it public.

Profile… Preferences… Interface… Unclick “Hide my public profile and presence features”… Save changes. Should solve it.

EDIT: I just double-checked and I don’t see it actually in your About Me, it’s just in your basic profile info (to sign up for the forum).

To make sure it’s in the About Me, it’d be: Preferences… Profile… About me [enter info]… Save Changes.