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Now I Have a Machine Gun, Ho-Ho-Ho

Well folks, I am starting a new log…

The other one is fully stocked up on crazy, and I want to start 2020 fresh. Plus, I am part of this fancy-pants challenge thing so I wanted to add this little tag do-hickey and whatnot.

Sigh, my details :

My name is Jenn
I am 5’0 and apparently according to the scale at goodlife today i am only 120lbs, but i think that’s a lie because at my other gym i am hovering around 124 which I’ll assume is much more accurate. Ain’t no way i lost 4lbs in a few days. There just ain’t no way.
So I am 124lbs

I am 33 and I work at a benefits provider company.
If anyone is ever interested I would LOVE to talk about claims and adjustments until I am blue in the face.
If your claim for a knee brace rejected, let me ask you something, did the receipt indicate the body side??!

Anyway… I have a 13-year-old son who is amazing.

My body part split is right now about 4 days a week unless I have hoilday’s. 2 leg days, one back bi day and one shoulder tri day.
I do cardio on all those days.
On my rest days I do about 30 minutes of rolling and stretching and I go for a walk at lunch and sometimes after work as well if I get off early.

My goals are to be sub 120lbs and lean-rippedish.
Honestly, if I could just get the fat from my armpits I think I’d feel pretty rockin’.

Okay enough intro-ing

dun dun



Btw if you inadvertently reduced salt consumption in the last few days OR four days ago went back to normal salt consumption from higher salt consumption, you could quite easily have dropped four pounds.

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K today shoulder smashing

Always start with a rear delt burn
Face pulls x 2 x 30
Cable rear delt fly 3 x 10 per arm

Seated db press ss seated db lateral
25lbs 5lbs
X 15 x 20
X 15 x 20
15lbs x 10 partails from bottom 10 from top 10 full rom / x 20

Landmine press non stop without setting it down
5lbs x 12 x 10 x 8 per arm

Db laterals 3 ways 10 reps each x 3 reps dropped settled.
Drop super setted with shoulder press machine
Sitting backwards iso lateral press or something
25lbs per side x 3 x 8

Ez bar front raise ss plate raise
25lbs 25lbs
X 3 x 12 each non stop

Cable up right row
Drop sets
20lbs x 10
15 x 10
10 x a million idk

More cable rear delt cross over
X 25 x 20

Db rear delt fly
X 15 x 15
X 15 x 15
Dbs inwards ss db facing

Uh 1 arm db lateral while the other iso holds
X 10 per arm plus 10 both arms with pause at top.

Cardio step mill x 19 minutes
Too bored for the 20th minute lol
Burned my shoulds good bros



In too. Cant wait to see you smash those goals.

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Thanks !! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Yi Pi Ka Yeahhh

I’m certainly in. Good luck Jenn

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Ok finally a great leg day, whewf!!

Hip circle barbell hip thrusts ss db plie squats
95lbs / 40lbs
X 15/ x 15
X 12 / leg spreader 70lbs x 15/ x 15
115lbs / 40lbs
X 10 / × 15 / leg spreader 85lbs x 15
X 10 / leg spreader 100lbs x 15 + drop set 55lbs x 10 partials outer? 10 inner 20 full rom w/pause // x 15

K warm up done lol

Ass machine
90llbs x 2 x 10
Cable ass kick back 10lbs x 12
Ass machine 90lbs x 10
Kick back 10lbs x 12 1 drop 5lbs x 10 1&1/2 reps

Bulgarian split squat one db on working leg side ss close stance Smith machine squat
25lbs / 25lbs plates per side
X 10 * leg = x 10
X 10/ x 10
X 10/ x 10

Kneeling squats ss goodmorning
30lbs / 30lbs
X 15 x 15
X 15 x 15
X15 x 15
All none stop without taking barbell off

Front foot elevated db split squats ss plate over head reverse lunge
10lbs / 10lbs
X 10 / x 10
12.5 / 10lbs
X 10 / x 10
15lbs / 10lbs
X 10/ x 10
I heart reverse lunges this super set was hella fun.

Db rdl ss cable pull through
20lbs / 25lbs
X 12/ x 12
20lbs / 30lbs
X 12/ x 15

Goblet squats ss hack squat
25lbs /
X 10 x 10
X 10 x 15
X 10
Goblet squats are addictive those felt great. Can easily add weight next Time

Single leg ext while other iso holds
X 10 per leg + 8 both legs

Stepmill intervals x 20

Stability ball hip trusts x 25

K done
I did everything
Felt awesome!! I’m free of self hatred over squats. Whio0p

Wt: 122.6!!! Hollyyyyy
Down 2 lbs in 2 weeks that shits rockin, yo.

Cheat meal tonight and back day tomorrow !!

You know what I realized post squat sadness ?
Back and fourth between powerlifting and bodybuilding as I have gone over these years
Wooe is me, I’m bad at powerlifting, but it dawned on me, I’ve always been pretty fucking good at bodybuilding. THIS I can do, and I can do it well…
I love pushing myself in these ways, and structure and discipline is a drug for me.

I needn’t be sad about powerlifting or like I’m a failure because I could never nail down form or get very strong. I’m AM good at bodybuilding and that should give me solace.

Make it so! Here I come vascularity !
Oh also me and that guy from work are seeing each other again. I’ve decided his dumpings of me dont mean anything because he changes his mind typically in about 10 business days .
So I’m sure he will end it late jan and be back around valentine’s
And here we go I do NOt give a shitttt
Come, go whatever. I’m happy alone or happy with you.


So he’s basically a boomerang with a dick on it.


LOL yes, exactly !


hahaha That was a really funny comment, almost spilled my coffee.

On another note @Spock81 that was a truely long session you just did.


K trying to explain back day is probably more tiring than the workout itself lol… here it goes…

Kayak rows
X 15, x 12, x 10 all continuous side to side without rest

D handle cable row
X 15 x 12 x 10 same as above

Straight arm pulldown ss ropey pulldown
15lbs 10lbs
X 12 x 12
X 12 x 12
10lbs 5 lbs
X 12 x 12

Cable station lat pull …? In idk it’s not pull down whatever
20lbs x 2 x 10
25lbs x 10
15lbs x million

Foot on seat lat pull to me
Drop sets
55lbs x 8
40lbs x 8
25lbs x 10
Two d handle lat pull down
Drop sets
55lbs x 8
40lbs x 8
25lbs x 10
Sitting sideways lat pull.
10 lbs x 12

Bent over row
Over hand ss underhand
X 8 x 8
X 8 x 8
X 8 x 8

Plate on the side of my ass kick out idk 10lbs x 2 x 20

Leg spreader 55lbs x 100

T bar row
40lbs x 2 x 8
25lbs x tons idk

Iso lateral row machine thing
45lbs per side
X 2 x 8 per arm, x 10

D handle bi curl
10lbs x 8
5lbs x 10, x 12
Barbell curl ss plate curl
25lbs 25lbs
X 12 x 10
X 10 x 10
X 10

Incline db curl
10lbs x 6 + 4 hammer curl x 2 sets
Hammer curls 10lbs x 10

Ropey curl
10lbs x 15

One arm lat pull down
20lbs x 2 x 10
12.5lbs x 15 both arms

Seated row cable 55lbs x 10
25lbs x million partials
Stepmill intervals x 20 minutes

Back ext x 15 , x 10

Stability ball hip thrusts x 30

K good

I’m gonna throw in extra glute pump shit whenever I have time
Why da fuck not.

K did everything
Rest tomorrow
Great weekend !!!


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K had a kick ass shoulder day yesterday with some intervals and glute activation shit
One hour of non stop shoulder ass pump action, yo!

Today leg day
Barbell hip thrust
Warm up
Plate on side ass 5lbs x 25, 20 , 15
95lbs x 12 , 115lbs x 12
Work sets
135lbs x 5
145lbs x 5
165lbs x 2 x 5
175lbs x 5
95lbs x 15 with hip circle

Front foot elevated db split squats ss Bulgarian split squats
X 10 x 8
X 8 x 8
X 8 x 8

Leg spreader
100lbs x 10
115lbs x 10
130lbs x 10 + 10 assisted
70lbs x 20 partials + 10 full rom

Smith machine close stance squats ss goblet squats
25lbs per side 40lbs
X 10 x 10
35lbs per side 40lbs
X 10 x 10
X 10 x 10
Ass machine
110lbs x 2 x 10 or 8 idk

Kneeling squats ss plie sq
55lbs 45lbs
X 12 x 10
65lbs 45 lbs
X 12 x 10
X 12 x 10

Leg ext ss db sq ss plate reverse lunge
55lbs 15lbs 10lbs
X 8 x 8 x 8
X 8 x 8 x 8
X 8 x 8 x 8
1 drop for leg ext 40lbs x 8 paused

Seated leg curl
40lbs x 25

Step mill intervals x 20

Leg press machine
I did a rest pause set but ramped the weight
Also like heels touching making it quauddy
90lbs x 10 110lbs x 10 130lbs x 10

Up from sat
Down from dec

Great workout
Rest thurs fri


K great

Barbell hip thrust
Warm up
Plate on side ass for 5 and 10lbs between 15 and 20 reps all throughout
95lbs x 10
135lbs x 10
145lbs x 10
165lbs x 3
185lbs x 2 x 3
190lbs x 6
Drop sets with hip circle
145lbs x 8 paused
95lbs x 20

Front foot elevated db split squats ss plate over head reverse lunge
22.5lbs 25lbs
X 8 x 8
X 8 x 8
15lbs 10lbs
X 10 x 10

Leg spreader
115lbs x 12, x 10 + 10 assisted

Ass machine
95lbs x 12
110lbs x 2 x 8

Barbell sit squats ss goblet squats
55lbs 30lbs
X 15 x 10
55lbs 40lbs
X 15 x 10
X 15

Hack squat ss db rdl
25lbs plates 20lbs
X 10 x 10
X 10 x 10
X 10

Bulgarian split squats ss step up
One db on the working leg side
X 8 x 8
X 8 x 8

Cable pull through
X 15, x 20

Single leg ext one leg iso hold
X 12
Single leg curl
10lbs x 12

Step mill intervals x 20

Stability ball hip thrusts x 20

Wt 123.2lbs
Crusing right along here.
This was fun

Getting stronger in my newer leg shit is a great feeling.

Cheat meal tonight back day tomorrow

Oh , I should find out if I get the promotion maybe this week sometime.
I’m dying here to find out. We are all performing equally well and I think they have no idea who to pick.

Positive vibes for jenn !! She wants it , boy does she ever.



K great back day today.
Please refer to last back day and adjust the weights and reps etc… as I never want to type it all out again lol
Glute pump shit too

Just felt like one of the best workouts of my life. Oh the fun I was having.

Rest tomorrow
Not sure about this week might skip my second leg day and just have a shoulder workout maybe Thursday
For a few reasons
One Its record breaking cold here right now and I dunno how I feel about 330am when its that cold.
Two: I have an extra early day this week with a meeting and I’d rather not have 3 super early wake ups in a row for the sake of my mental health
Three I feel stressed waiting about this job and want to put all my focus into work and not force myself to be sleep deprived
Four I am on vacation the next week which means priorities can be 100 percent gym city
So yes…
I dont think a 5 year ago me could have gym not be the most important thing week in week out but here we are, and its a good place to be :slight_smile:

Shoulder tri and glute today



Congratulations Spock, you rock

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Holy shit this week of rollercoastering.
Monday was like dear god I want this job
Tuesday was like holy fuck extreme sleep deprivation and then getting the job and trying to focus at work
Wednesday they sent out the email and I easily got 40 emails of people telling me how happy they were and how much I’ve earned this and how well I’d do. Like some people I’ve barely spoken with… one lady was like oh I knew you were special. My heart couldn’t take it ,honestly .
6 years with a man who made me feel like everything that made me unique was a negative. I’ve never felt so free.
Thursday was my 6th day in a row of 230 am insomniac wake up times and I had to fight tears all day from how much I just wanted to sleep .
Guy from work comes over that night, have a great night. Then he starts being a huge ass and I kick him out of my place. Never kicked a man out before, had reasons to, never did it.
Friday am find out eminem drops secret album and my heart explodes again.
Like holy up and down batman. I’m too excited and somewhat stressed to sleep and it’s too cold for my coping mechanisms because I couldn’t go for walks with my mom or make it to the gym. Legit coldest place on earth last week .

Anyway holy shit, longest week ever. I’m so relieved I can get back to normal now. But i feel an insane amount of pressure to make everyone in the department proud and I’m terrified of failure. It’s a complicated job, and the other people on my team were there for years before landing this role. I also have to deal with escalations and I’d really like to handle those well, but the anxiety in my voice makes it hard .

Anyway, bought new gym pants to celebrate so off to do legs now. Ttyl !!

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Ok had a great leg day yesterday worked up to 185lbs x 8 for my barbell hip thrust and did a million other things plus cardio
Weighed in at 124.8 which sucks like why up 2lbs ?!
I’m assuming it was my crazy stress, no sleep week. I know weight fluctuates, but for me personally even right before my period I’m usually only up half a pound. Same thing with cheat meals sometimes it’s barely even changed. So 2lbs for me is out of the ordinary for sure , so not really sure what happened there. Boooourns x 3 sets of 10

Great back day today with bis glutes and cardio…
I’m seeing more definition in my back as of late so things are moving along slowly but surely.

Rest day tomorrow.
Still didnt sleep much last night my mom didn’t think my dog would make it through the night so I woke up every 2 hours to check my emails in despair . Gonna go give him kisses today. My heart aches .



Hey guys
Rest Monday tuesday
Lots of walks
Leg day tomorrow. On vac until Monday.

My snoop passed overnight on sunday . I really didnt except to feel as devastated as I did. I knew this was coming, I figured it would come years ago to be honest. 18 is old for a dog.
But I saw that missed call at 7am and I just knew. I completely lost it. I wanted to try to block it out if my mind and go to work, but I couldn’t. I called my boss crying and my mom and I went for about 3 walks and went to get some pictures printed.
I worked until about 1030 today and just couldn’t keep it together.

I just cant believe its forever. Like I’ll never kiss him again or pet him. That’s when it hits hardest. When I think its for the rest of my life . That crushes me.
I went to my parents sunday afternoon and kissed him on the head and I just knew in my mind this would be the last one.

Hes been here for everything. Being bullied in high school, my pregnancy, he was so good with a brand new baby in the house.
All the shitty guys, everything in my life he was there, and all he ever wanted was to be with me. In my room, out for walks. Just my company was his favourite thing in the world…

I dont know if I can ever get another dog. This is excruciating.

Work is being really understanding. They let me use bereavement days and not my sick days. Everyone has been so wonderfully supportive, I’m so grateful for all the people who have reached out to me. And so many people in my life who met him from past and present offering condolences. He touched a lot of people.


Ok I’m going to take a mini break from posting for a couple weeks. Still going to train hard, but my heart hurts and my brain is tired.
:purple_heart:u all