Now I am Ready for a Cycle

Hello fellows. I am wanting to take a cycle of anavar to help me get a bit more ripped for summer. I have been lifting hard for the past 6 months 4-5 days a week 2 hours a day with 20 a minimum 20 minutes of cardio 2-3 days a week. If I do take anavar, should I also take a cycle of test as well? I would rather take anavar alone, because I don’t want to have to take an estrogen blocker, and from what I have researched (correct me if I am wrong) anavar doesn’t turn to estrogen.

Should I take pct? If so, would nolvadex be a good choice? Please no comments about me being too young. I am almost 20, and have been researching this for quite some time and I have hit a plateau. I was also curious to see if anyone knew of any labs that I could purchase anavar from, because the people at the gym seem to use winny instead, and I don’t want to take any chances on my liver being inflamed because I am a boxer. Thanks for any info, and if you don’t have anything informative to post, please do not post it.

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lol dude, fuck off. you probably don’t even lift like half of these punks who never give advice and just say stupid shit like you. pussy

[quote]ChrisRedfield wrote:
lol dude, fuck off. you probably don’t even lift like half of these punks who never give advice and just say stupid shit like you. pussy[/quote]

Not a good way to get people to help you out bud…just saying.

If you’re gonna do it then do it right. Oral only cycles are a poor choice for a number of reasons. Start with a test only cycle. Read the stickies to find out what the standard first cycle is.

Too young etc etc.

[quote]Buckeyes 2010 wrote:
Too young etc etc.[/quote]

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Chris, while I understand your reasoning etc… You really do need to wait. This plateau you speak of at age 19 is very difficult to understand. You have more free TEST in your body now than you ever naturally will. If you want to get more ripped… Than you need to change up your diet and up your cardio. If you are a boxer than you are no stranger to a jumprope!? Use it between every lift you do for the next 6 weeks if you are not more ripped, then I will personally advise you!

Your endocrine system is not yet done forming… Don’t mess with it yet. Trust me!

Oh and if that’s your real name in your handle… You might want to consider changing it, seeing that this is all Illegal in most places.

Look at what this board has come to.

First, if you have actually done research, you’d see that oral only cycles are frowned upon on this forum. Also acting in a mature manner is preferred here and NOT like a 19 year old punk that hits a plateau because he eats less than my 12 year old niece.

You basically have two choices…

-Stupid choice = continue with your “cycle”

-Smart choice = realize you are too young and post your diet/workout routine and get them critiqued and youll end up with better results than running anavar alone. guaranteed. and youll keep them if you actually listen.

If you choose to continue with your cycle…
Anavar can sometimes give you semi-decent results when ran alone & even more seldom are they all kept. Anavar is a pretty safe drug in comparison to other compounds, but I dont see it benefitting you in the way you are desiring.

If youre going to head to the dark side I suggest a standard 500mg test/wk for 10 wks. I will say that in doing this you are risking completely stunting your growth and putting you at risk for many problems with your endocrine system if not ran correctly (just FYI sometimes people come across problems even when they do everything perfectly)

However, i will add that if you arent wanting to do everything, such as running AI’s and a proper PCT then I suggest forgetting any type of supplement other than protein.

If you choose the smart path…
Take the time to type out a detailed diet and workout routine and we will critique it to the best of our ability. I can almost put money on it that we can give you the desired results at your age without any AAS and save you a bit of money and time.


[quote]ChrisRedfield wrote:
lol dude, fuck off. you probably don’t even lift like half of these punks who never give advice and just say stupid shit like you. pussy[/quote]

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