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Now E and T too High and Don't Know Why


Hello all: Longtime reader. Advice please. I'm 48 yo male, ectomorphish, 6'4" 217. When I started therapy in 3-2014 I was 6'4" 180#.

Current dosing: .4mg Test Cyp 2x week (Mon/Thurs)
500 IU HCG 2x week (Wed/Sat) 2 mo on, 1 mo off
.25 mg Anastrozole (Wed/Sat)

After the 10-21-14 test, due to low E, cut Ana to .25 mg 2x week and you can see it creeping up nicely, but now it's too high. Should I add one additional .25 mg Ana dose on Monday?

4-6-15 (Valley Medical)
Total Testosterone: 891 (Range 241-827)
Free Testosterone: >100 (Range 4.3-30.4) TOO HIGH
Estradiol: 61 (Range 0-56) TOO HIGH

1-15-15 (Labcorp)
Total Testosterone: 999 (Range 348-1197)
Estradiol: 17.8 (Range 7.6-42)

12-5-14 (Labcorp)
Total Testosterone: 871 (Range 348-1197)
Estradiol: 12.6 (Range 7.6-42)

After 10-21-14 results, Estrogen too low, new therapy:

.4mg Test Cyp 2x week (Mon/Thurs)
HCG 500 IU 2x week (Wed/Sat)(1 mo on 1 mo off)
.25 mg Anastrozole 2x week (Wed/Sat)

10-21-14 (Labcorp)
Total Testosterone: 973 (Range 348-1197)
Estradiol: 5.2 (Range 7.6-42.6)

After 8-26 test. T too high,
changed therapy: .4mg Test Cyp 2x week (Mon/Thurs)
500 IU HCG 2x week (2 mo on,1mo off)(Wed/Sat)
.5 mg Anastrozole (Wed/Sat)

8-26-14 (Labcorp)
Total Testosterone: >1500 (Range 348-1197)
Estradiol: 44.2 (Range 7.6-42.6)

4-1-14 (Valley Medical)
Total Testosterone: 1445 (Range 241-827)
Free Testosterone: 45.1 (Range 5-40)
Estradiol: 77 (Range 0-56)
Dihydrotestosterone: 83 (Range 5-46)

**Started therapy: Testosterone Cypionate: .5ml 2x week (Mon/Thurs)
HCG: 500 IU 2x week (Wed/Sat) (2 mo on,1 mo off)
Anastrozole: .5 mg 2x week (Wed/Sat)

3-1-14 (Labcorp)
Total Testosterone: 325 (Range 348-1197)
Estradiol: 11.8 (Range 7.6-42.6)

2-26-14 (Quest Diagnostics)
Total Testosterone: 355 (Range 250-1100)
Free Testosterone: 47.7 (Range 35-155)
Estradiol: 30 (Range


Possibly the last estrogen test was wrong. It has a completely different range so comparison is difficult with the previous ones. Since it is so much higher than the range all of a sudden the sample was just handled wrong or the machine calibrated wrong. A retest may be in order before changing anything.


I think that these two factors may explain this:

  • you may be an anastrozole over-responder which explains low E2 lab events
  • you over-react to hCG, so when you are on, high T–>E2 in your testes raises E2 levels and anastrozole does not work in your testes

Suggest that you stop cycling hCG. Have never see that suggested or done before. Are you suggesting that young men have there LH shut down every three months?

Reduce hCG to 150-200 iu EOD for steadier levels. If you can’t manage to get down near E2=22pg/ml, reduce hCG again. The main need for hCG is to maintain the testes, not make T. Injected T is less expensive than hCG induced T. Lower hCG dose should also lower your costs of TRT.

You can take anastrozole at same time as injections or next day so peak and curve of anastrozole will roughly track curve of FT levels. Anastrozole needs to balance against FT or bio-T levels as it is a competitive drug.


Thx to both I will try those suggestions and retest in a month.


You can lower HCG and you might not even need arimidex.