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Now and then.

Nov 29th will end my first year of training… I used to go to the gym and look at all these “huge” guys lifitng what i thought was heavy weight. Now a year has passed and ifi’m not lifting the same im lifting more but with better form. My trainee and i have made what appears to be huge gains over the past year. 195-low 230’s for me and 150-165. Thanks T-mag and T-aggies.

BTW we don’t train for hypertrophy ever. All strength so the size didn’t come because i did 4 millions reps with 13 pounds for 55 sets.

On a side note i told my wrestling coach i was going to weigh 260 by the end of college (which is 3 years from now.) He told me that my body would never hold more then 220. So when i weigh 260 i think im gunna go into the room, lay down the scale and punch him in the face and walk out. Not really ha, but i’ll just show him i prooved his ass wrong.

Bobo, you’ve been a pain in the ass occasionally, but if that’s really the amount of progress you’ve made over the last year, my hat’s off to you.

Good job!

wel done man, keep hold of that dream!

A pain in the ass only because i was hungry.

I eat when I’m hungry…

Seriously, good job bobo…