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Someone I know just got a new toy, 10ml vial of NovoRapid. The vial is very pretty, I like the plastic syringe thing on it, it's orange and bumpy. I feel like I have hospital supplies. I'd like to hear what using insulin is like. I posted a thread a little while ago about novolog, but it was about pen refills.

So, what sort of protocol do people use? I've been searching and it seems like there's lots of different dosing protocols, although there aren't many threads about insulin. The most common protocol seems to be PWO 3-4 times a week. What about before a workout? Does it need to be cycled if only used PWO? How should I eat on it? Should I just dose and then binge? I don't mind gaining fat, but will I gain tons and tons of fat? Is it important to use it only after a workout? I workout in the afternoon, and going hypoglycemic isn't convenient then. How much of a difference does it make in terms of builing muscle? Does it make a big, immediate difference like gear, or does it cause a slow strength increase over time like peptides?

I'm thinking of doing 7U PWO, and 3u preworkout for a month then cycling off for a month.


I'm thinking you nd to slow down.

You don't have a great base of steroid knowledge (what you put up as a serious post, we thought was sarcasm, the 'knowledg' in it was that bad), you don't like to do things the simple way (hey, why not use tin foil to seal your AAS vials? ... Er, no), so for you, insulin is a no no.

And 7iu PWO is not a worthwhile protocol IMO.



why would you want to get insulin spike before workout or even more why would you risk going hypoglycemic during workout?
bindge on insulin spike? you know insulin prevents using fat as energy source?

I advise you read up more on insulin before you poke your eye out with it or something!


Dear god, thank you. When nobody had responded, I thought it was just myself who saw this as a bad idea.


Actually, spikeing insulin pre-workout is precisely what you want to do. whether you do it exo-style (inject) or endo-style (carb load a la the Anaconda protocol).

And you only risk a hypo if you take insulin without carbs, and why would you do that?

Also, you only need a small amount of insulin and so far, none of my BBers has had any problem.

Insulin may prevent lypolysis, but in certain conditions, it may preserve muscle and enable fat metabolism.



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