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Novladex PCT

I am getting off a cycle of 500 mg of testosterone cyponate per week for 8 weeks, with 75 mg winstrol per day for the last six weeks. Should I start my novladex PCT about 10 days after my last injection? And how much should I take? I was planning on taking 20 mg per day for a week or a little longer then upping the dose to 40 mg per day for two to three more weeks. I don’t have clomid available, so that’s out of the question. Does anyone have any input?

In my opinion, you should start with a higher dose and taper off over several weeks, depending on the length of your cycle.

I would start the 1st day of PCT with a very large dose.

Example: Day 1 120 mg
Day 2-11 40 mg
Day 12-21 20 mg

or If you feel necessary:

      Day 1     120 mg
      Day 2-28  40 mg

If anyone else cares to offer a different protocol, feel free, as to be honest, I haven’t done my first cycle yet. Still looking for a good source for the gear. But this is the PCT I have in mind, and I believe Example 1 was provided to me by a fellow T-Nation member.

Is Day 1 the first day after the first half life elapses?

The half life of nolvadex is about 4 days, so yes you can frontload it like has been suggested. 40mg/day is generally the dose i stick with for the first two weeks of PCT, then 20mg/day for the next two weeks, or longer if need be.


I second justinp’s recommendation of two weeks at 40mg/day, then two weeks at 20mg day. Works for me and is the universally accepted method. I have never heard of anyone frontloading nolvadex before. I don’t really think it’s neccessary as I can feel the effects of 40mg/day the next day.

[quote]blasterBuilder wrote:
Is Day 1 the first day after the first half life elapses?[/quote]

Yes, but the half life of T cyp is 14 days, not 10, so you might want to consider that also.

The only time I used Nolva for PCT, I just ran 30mg/day for 4 weeks. It seemed to work fine for me.

Everyone seems to have different numbers for half lives, so who knows?

But I have cypionate as 12 days.

I think it was Cy Wilson who once said that if a drug has a half-life of more than 3 days then it could be frontloaded. So for Nolvadex (4 days) there is a good case for front loading it.

I would continue PCT for at least the length of time I was ‘on’ cycle. This may seem excessive but at 4 weeks on from your last 500mg shot of cypionate (half life 12 days) (373mg test) you will have 59mg of test still in your blood stream. ~8% of your body mass is blood so if you weigh 90kg (198lbs) then you’d have 7.2kg of blood. About 55% of this is serum, so this gives about 4L (assuming same density as water). This would give you an exogenous test blood serum level of 14.75mg/L or 1475ng/dL.
This level would still be supraphysiological considering the average male age 20-30 has a range of 280-1250ng/dL. If you had low test levels ~300ng/dL then after 8 weeks your test levels might still be supraphysiological.

But if the last shot had been 500mg of propionate (420mg test) then the same level (~60mg) would occur only 11 days later. That is why for recovery its better to use as short acting esters as possible.

I could be wrong, but that is not how I think it works. You say there is 59mg in the BLOODSTREAM at day 28. But, that should be 59mg waiting to be released from the eser, but it doens’t hit the blood instantaneously. That 59mg would be slowly released over time on an exponentially decreasing curve. ( About 29 mg would be released over the next half life of the drug )

Agreed. I totally overlooked that!

i don’t think that nolvadex pct needs to be very complicated. with test E/C, wait 10-14 days after last injection, then i would run 30-40mg a day for a week. follow that week with two weeks of 20 mg / day, and you should be fine. truthfully, i’ve had much better luck keeping gains when i used hcg initially, then followed up with a few weeks clomid/nolvadex, but since all u have is the nolv, you’ll still probably be fine. remember, the best pct for keeping gains is to continue training very hard, and eating well, otherwise all the pct in the world won’t help you keep any of your newly acquired mass.
Good Luck,