Novladex or Clinic as PCT

Hey guys so, a little while ago I ran a stack of rad140 and mk677, stopped in week6 due to massive migraines and jumped onto clinic for 4 weeks, test felt low and was a 4 out of 9.2 (9.2 being the lowest range of test 32 being the high range) and so yea I waited only 2 weeks after finishing pct to than jump on sust250, did 3 weeks at .5ml twice a week and than 1ml twice a week and have been on that cycle for month and a half now, I have to get off due to going over seas and want to know if I should take clomid, Novladex or both? Also I’ve read wait 2 weeks before starting pct after last pin? Help would be greatly appreciated

So unfortunately Sus has short and long esters in the blend. With the longest esters having a two week half life. You literally need to wait 6 weeks to start PCT for it to be effective.