Novladex and Lexapro

Hey guys, I’m starting my first cycle of test-e. I’m 24 5’11 230lbs and have been lifting since I was 16. At the point where I feel like I’m not seeing the gains anymore.

Anyway I should mention I have been taking 20 mg of Lexapro for the past two years to cope with anxiety/depression. Basically I am wondering if I will have a problem with the lexapro and my pct. I’ve read that some SSRI’s are strong inhibitors and will keep the nolvadex from converting properly and causing problems. I think lexapro is not an inhibitor so I think I’m good but just want to get more info if I can before I start my cycle.


Should focus on getting over your depression before cycling. Get to the point that you don’t need medication for that before you start altering your hormones.

I hear you but I’m going to try one cycle to see how my body reacts. If I have negative sides then I’m not going to continue use. I just want to get some input from others that have cycled while on SSRI’s and if the lexapro interacts with Nolva at all.


You seem hell bent on doing this so proceed at your own risk.

You have 3 problems.

  • elevated levels of prolactin which can potentially be elevated even further by exogenous test. Get caber. 0.25mg e3d.

  • high estrogen. Use AI.

  • CYP2D6 inhibition can make nolva useless. Clomid as welI do not know how much lexapro inhibits it compared to others. You may want to google it. If it strongly inhibits it, the only thing you can do is use HCG on cycle, control estrogen with an AI and hope for the best.

The lexapro isn’t an inhibitor so I should just be fine with that.

Great. Take the other precautions and have a good cycle.