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Novice Steroid Cycle -Test p and Masteron p??

hey guys ,i am about to start my first cycle. But i dont want to take test only,and would like to add one or two more compounds.
I was planning to take test prop with masteron prop.Is it a good idea and what should the dosing and pct consist of.
-urrent stats =height 5ft 10 inch ,weight 178 pound and bf around 13%( i can see my abs when i flex them) and lifting for almost 3 years (1.5 years very strict diet and training) i started at around 240 pounds with 47% bf.
but obv i would drop my bf to 8-9% before my cycle if i plan to use masteron.
Any advice would be appreciated.

Why do you want another compound?

Do you know how to control estrogen and how to PCT?