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'Novice' SHEIKO Results. Typical?


Thought I'd share my actual, real-world, SHEIKO results. I'm a "veteran" lifter (over 30 years old), but pretty novice to powerlifting. Hit a major plateau in the big three numbers (after many years of more traditional body-building style training), so tried out the SHEIKO plan. I'm completely clean, almost 6ft, about 185-190 lbs, and need to stay "fit" for work (lot's of running at work, chasing, physical qualifications)--so I couldn't simply give up my diet and cardio and pack on the mass and over-eat completely. I followed the on-line found Sheiko plan to the letter for my lifting for 2 of it's 4-week cycles, and here are my improvements.

Are they "typical"? Do people have better or worse results? Just thought I'd throw these numbers out there and get ready for the critiques, laughter!, or comments. Remember, these numbers are from a clean lifter, with no actual contest experience (just garage and gym experience). No shirts or suits, just wraps and belt.
Start: 189lbs, 280 bench, 435 dead lift, 325 squat. 1040 total.
After 1st cycle: 285 bench, 440 dead lift, 330 squat. 1055 total. (4 week cycle)
After 2nd 4 week cycle: 295 bench, 455 dead lift, 345 squat. 1095 total.

Am looking at getting a bench shirt and suit to see what these number would translate into after getting used to equipment. Would love to compete someday and be able to say I "tried", even if I'm far below what it would take to win!haha...


Are you testing your max after every 4-week cycle? You should probably do like two prep-cycles and one peak cycle before testing.


I would sincerely encourage you to try the program contained in this article: http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/sheiko_shakes_up_powerlifting

It has 2 prep cycles followed by a comp cycle. It looks as though you are just running a prep cycle and then retesting maxes which is not how this style of training is meant to be done. Regardless you have gotten some good results, so congrats on that!


Agreed about the prep cycles after the 4 week cycle. They are meant to work together synergistically.


Thanks for the input!


Those are fantastic results. I actually got weaker following a Sheiko routine. So your results are waaayyy better than mine.

Gear is an interesting variable that will probably require you to play around with the percentages, volume, and exercise choices in order to make it work. Al Caslow follows a Sheiko inspired program and he competes and trains in gear. Given his numbers, I would say that he has made this system work for him. He started keeping a log over at EliteFTS's website. I would look at that periodically for ideas. Or shit, just email him and ask.


Any improvement over a 4 week cycle in a "trained" person is good, yours are great results, I had similar results.

Are you a bounty hunter?


Haha... thanks. I wish I was a bounty hunter! No "bounties" here in Canada though, and besides, the medical and pension plans probably wouldn't be too great. I'm a police dog handler. I'm happy with any improvements, but I'll make some suggested adjustments and keep trying to get bigger numbers. Thanks for any and all the inputs.


You've kinda struck gold so... just keep doing the exact same cycles