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Novice Program Modifications for Women?


My wife has lifted weights off and on for a few years but not really consistently and its been mostly bro splits. I’m going to get on the same program as her so that we can workout together. Although I am not entirely a novice lifter (3 years experience but weak bench press and squat), I’m sure I will also benefit from the program.

I am either going to do Alphadestiny’s Novice Program, or Jason Blaha’s Novice 5X5 program.

What modification, if any, should be made to either program for women? She had gastric sleeve surgery almost 2 years ago and has lost approx 80lbs from that but would still like to lose some weight. She just had a baby 3 months ago. She’s been doing mostly cardio for the past couple months but wants to get back into weight training. I’m thinking 3X5 instead of 5X5 and supplement w/ protein because of her low calorie intake (due to her surgery).

Also, what are some realistic strength goals for women? Me being male, I am going to hit 225X5 bench, 315X5 squat, and 405X5 deadlift by the next 3-6 months. I am almost where I need to be for deadlift.