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Novice Deadlifts


I understand Deadlifts and back work in general needs to be carefully used. I’ve seen Deadlifts planned for the first day of the week, the middle day and last day… When it comes to deadlifts, cleans, bent rows, chins, back extensions, what’s the best way to setup these lifts?

Also, so they don’t get in the way of squatting and the bench/press.


Your body has no idea what a week is. No matter where you put the deadlift in the week, you will always have the same amount of time between deadlifts.

I deadlift on Saturdays, just because it is my longest workout of the week and I train in the mornings, so this way I don’t have to try to squeeze it in before work.

As for the question on back work; I try to train the back every training session.


That makes a lot of sense. I’ve read putting deadlifts first because they’re heaviest, and I’ve seen them last in the week because that gives the most recovery time… In the long scheme of things, I see how that won’t matter, especially if the back is worked every workout. As a novice, 5/10 of the movements I do are “back”.

You’ve always helped me a lot, so I have another question for you: what’s your experience with bench vs. dips/weighted dips?


Vs in what sense?


strength/body comp.


after deadlifts you will not want to do any exercise truthfully…especially bent over rows, i suggest bring a belt and do your compound lifts first and save deadlift for the end


I actually do my hardest squat workout of the week after my deadlifts. It’s definitely something you can build up to.

But there’s also nothing wrong with saving it for the end.

They both do that. I honestly don’t really see the versus aspect here.

Could you expand on the question more? If nothing else, just write it in a full sentence.


Yes I can. What I’m really asking is can dips be as effective for strength (pecs, delts, tris) as benching? And, can they be as effective for mass/improving body comp. as benching?


Really, it’s the programming that matters, not the movement. If you only bench the bar for 100 reps, bench will build less strength than a badass set of skull crushers.

Dips are great. So is bench. Do them both.


I think it depends on how you recover from deadlifts. If they wipe you out or make you more sore then other movements, maybe do that workout on Friday or the weekend so you have more recovery time. If you recover fine your all set. For me, I squat on Monday and Deadlift on Friday. I just try to separate those two exercises as much as possible.


I wasn’t debating doing one or another, more seeing how comparable dips are to benching


I guess I just don’t understand the question. I am sorry.


Don’t worry, big guy. I got this.

@kingbrady what he’s’ trying to say is they both do pretty much the same shit so either pick one and hammer it, or do both and hammer them both.


Couldn’t agree more.

Also, yes, doesn’t matter when you do deadlifts as long as it works for you. I like having a few days between heavy deadlifts and squats, but that’s about it.