novice cycle help

I am going to be starting my first cycle soon, and I have decided to go with d-bol/sust, or test. First off does anyone have any opinions on test vs. sust when it comes to gyno. Secondly, I was planning on going aboout 8 weeks, should I run both throughout, or is that too long for the d-bol. My last question is If I have arimidex and clomid should I run both throughout, and continue clomid post cycle, or or just the arimidex during the cycle and clomid at the end…

first of all sust is test. it is simply a test blend with a fancy name. so that wouldnt matter much.

run the adex throughout and the clomid post. hell if money is no object and you have the clomid i suppose you could run it throughout as well, but it isnt necessary.

cut the d-bol to 4-6 weeks, longer increases risk of liver damage.

what doses are you considering?

I’ve heard from people that Sust can be a little bit safer than regular test when it comes to gyno, thats why I asked. As far as dosages are concerned, I’m pretty sure I would make decent gains from 30mg of d-bol/day, but I’m not sure on the test. I know I should go at least 500/week, but I’m not sure how high I want to take it. I showed signs of gyno a couple of years ago, and this was while I was 100%clean, so I’m a little scared. From what I’ve been told Arimidex is pretty full proof, when it comes to gyno, if this is the case I would be willing to up the dosages if necessary.

500mg is pretty much the minimum that most would run. with the dbol at 30mg per day that gives you about 3/4 of a gram per week. im sure you could make decent gains from that.

most around here like to run the test much higher, about a gram per week.

if you have had gyno issues in the past adex is a must. you might even consider using some non aromatizing drugs instead such as tren/winny.

I like the idea of running tren, but how often will I have to inject to see decent gains. I know I’m not capable of 1 injection per day, maybe every other if I’m lucky. Would I be able to do tren injections 2-3 time per week.

Bro the every day injections are nothing if they are insulin needles!

ED tren injections are the best way to keep a stable concentraion. After the first couple of injections it is nothing!

Also Arrimidex is a great way to keep bloat down and prevent gyno!

Will insulin needles work with tren. I was told that they wouldn’t get deep enough into the muscle to be safe. If I could use insulin needles I would have no problem going every day.