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November Shock: US Dollar to Collapse in 30 Days


Personally I think it will take till Christmas (at least not before the Santa rally)


I assume most people reading this have at least part of their portfolio in the form of precious metal assets. BAd times are ahead, and this is the tip of the iceberg.

Just. The. Tip.

As a side note, expect a sudden spurt in gold prices as fund managers are short squeezed.
I would also recommend holding euros instead of dollars (see attached pic)


^^ you must be joking? Europe is in far worse shape, as is the Euro.





yep. you're probably better off holding your own debt. Time to take out a second mortgage and invest in something inflation proof.


The EUR/USD has bottomed.



This is almost as funny as the imminent "bank holiday" you were warning us about, what was it - 3 weeks ago?


December Surprise!


I also said it could be postponed to November or even as late as December. It will pop up when you least expect it.
For now, radical economic theoreticians have predicted the "november shock" (dollar collapse) to coincide with the bank holiday.


And for anyone who's interested, this is the organization that holds the key to the crisis. The TRUE Opus Dei


This organization will be infiltrated by christmas in order to restore some semblance of order to the economy.


What is a radical economic theoretician?


A guy who doesn't know what he's talking about?


An economic theoretician who refuses to wear a pocket protector. In their circles, such a thing is considered rebellious.


A nutjob.


Mmmmmmmmmmmm Blueberry pie...........


A person who has his finger on the pulse of consumer opinion (the economy). There are but 2-3 of these left on the planet.


Certified RET's predicted the redistricution of wealth scenario years back.


The top economic power suffers the least in a Great Depression, primarily because anyone with money takes it to the safest place they can find. Right now, this is Switzerland or the United States. This will be even more true once the short squeeze on the Yen is done. Notice how our stock market is starting to be more bouyant and t-bill rates are negative, if you throw in inflation.

Only when investors are convinced that the dollar is no longer safe would what you're suggesting have any possibility of occuring.

  1. The short squeeze on the yen will not occur until the short squeeze on GOLD takes place. And I predict that the short squeeze on gold will co-incide with the collapse of the dollar.

  2. Cashing out the dollar for euros carries virtually no risk medium term IMO (EUR/USD ~ 1.25 with massive support around 1.1 according to the resident RET). The dollar has been unfairly strong over the last few weeks. Time for the euro to run.


No, because we have a fundamentally sound economy.

You don´t.