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November Boxing


That's your only problem? I think two people who shouldn't even be ranked in the 154lb division fighting for a vacant title is the worst thing about the situation. It's the WBC so you can't expect much though.


Fixed that for you.


Fair point. No it's not my only problem it is just that this is not the first time Manny has made an opponent weigh below the normal weight limit for a title fight. Boxing's sanctioning bodies are all completely corrupt and are about nothing more thatn lining their own pockets. Don't get me started about the whole "super" champion nonsense. I can't remeber the exact fighters or belt involved but I think there was actually an incident where two different fighters qualified as "super" champions for the same organization. Ridiculous!


Super Welterweight?
Regardless, fight at the damn weight you're supposed to.


It's gradually been getting worse ever since the NBA wasn't the only org on the block.

I think you're talking about the WBC Diamond Belt. Basically, they'll give it to the winner of a high profile fight. It's really only a way to get another 2% in fees. The WBC has actually been one of the worst organizations in my opinion, they've had the legal troubles and poor reputation to prove it too.


I think it might actually be the WBA that I am thinking of. When someone who is the WBA champion of the division beats the champion from one of the the other major sanctioning bodies (IBF,WBC and maybe WBO) to partially unify the belt, he then becomes WBA "super" champion and the regular belt becomes vacant. That way they have two champions in that weight class and twice as many opportunities to charge sanctioning fees. On a related note I just read that Jose Suliaman, the long time president of the WBC resigned as president today.


He'll probably put a relative in his position.

Yes, that's the WBA. However, every organization other than the Ring have interim titles, "super" titles", or other ridiculous belts.


I'll admit it.

I haven't a fucking clue what an interm belt is.


It's basically an easy way to get 2-3% of a fighter's purse.

An interim is for when the regular champion can't defend his belt because of reasons out of his control, two fighters will fight for the interim title then get a shot at the regular champion. However, the interim title is abused and has to some extent become a "real" title.


It sometimes seems like there is no such thing as a "real" title in boxing anymore.


Well fellas, look for me on HBO during the Judah fight. I'll be in the press box. Can't fuckin waaiiittt.


I'm gonna try and get some pics up later if they come out good homies. Pullin for Judah tonight- BK all day!!






You've any pics of Zab getting floored?


Only this one. I was acting as a photographer last night and it's remarkably hard to pay attention to the fight and take pictures at the same time. Especially when you're not a photographer.


In this one, he's tying Matthysse up after the knockdown. People are saying "it wasn't that bad of a hit," that Zab wasn't hurt, etc.

Bullshit! Man's legs were shaky for the next two rounds, bad.


I was just joking about that since you were pulling for Zab lol. Nice pictures though.

Were people there disappointed? I heard some boos while watching it.


People weren't so much dissapointed in Zab as they were in the fight in general. BK was definitely in the house, tons of motherfuckers there to support him and the guy Ali, also a Brooklyn guy.

But the first five rounds of the fight were almost tediously boring... neither fighter was coming in and punching. It got better later on, but Matthysse really blew that fight.

By the way, check your PM's golden.


Saddam Ali? I don't know who's training him but he might be a good fighter in the future. I think the best Olympian will be Raushee Warren, unfortunately he's quite small.