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Novel Transdermal Preparation?


I'll preface by saying I've been jonesing to try out a transdermal for a long time, probably owing to using DMSO on livestock as a kid.

Today, while randomly checking out Google Scholar, I came across this study:

Transdermal Delivery of Highly Lipophilic Drugs: In Vitro Fluxes of Antiestrogens, Permeation Enhancers, and Solvents from
Liquid Formulations

Basically, they used 9:1 propylene glycol and lauric acid mixture and it had a vastly improved transdermal delivery over either one alone, or against DMSO. This was in vitro mind you.

However, I'm intrigued enough to consider cooking some up, if and when I get the funds to gather all the supplies.

I'll probably use it for a very light tren only cycle, but I might try it with test prop. I'll keep y'all informed if I ever get around to this, especially when I get my recipe figured out.


I actually just made a transdermal Yohimbe/AI Pre-contest Prep Product for a female competitor I work with.

Although Avant Labs seems to think they "birthed" the concept, it was in fact first written about in 1996 by Dan Duchaine, in MM2k...and only then years later, marketed by anybody.

It's very simple to make anything a transdermal, Tren being only one such compound.


Well, besides educational/scientific inquiry ... I don't see a good reason for transdermal delivery.
Why would you do this when you have injectables readily available? I have read reasons for transdermal yohimbine application for localized fat loss and anit-Es for treatment of gyno. But why would you do this for anabolics?
It does sound interesting, though. Let us know how it goes.


the question when trandsermals always come up is why?

aside from the obvious no need for needles
half lifes and drug tests
stable levels
half lifes and sides
half lifes and drug choice


For kicks man! It's interesting, and I'm the guy who always wants to do something one off from the norm.


The woman I'm working with is very sensitive to aromatase inhibitors, and needs to lose some fat from her hips/legs for a figure contest.

A transdermal AI with only a low concentration (not enough to really produce a systemic result) may be ideal for her (especially combined with Yohimbe and some other goodies).


Well, that's all good. I wasn't trying to mock or say that anyone is stupid. I screwed around with dmso and fina pellets in college for a short while until I realized how ridiculous it was ... waste of time and wasn't cheap for the pain in the ass it was.
I was an honors chemistry student a the time and had a proff with a pretty open mind. So I discussed the topic with him. He told me what I needed to know about he properties of dmso and the mechanism of transport. But in the end, he looked at me like I was retarded and said "why don't you quit fucking around and just inject the stuff? Using dmso is old-school." I ended up giving him the same reason as you "well ... I want to experiment". And I did, and now I know that I didn't like it.