Novedex XT

I’m an athlete in my early twenties. I’m looking to add a boost to my weight training but I am leery of negative side effects specifically gyno as I seem to be very susceptible to it.

I developed a very mild case of it while on only a thermogenic fat burner. Thus, while I’d love to get my hands on some Masteron or the like I really don’t have the connections or money to implement them in my training.(and I don’t want to f*** with worrying about the feds)

That brings me to Novedex XT. Novedex claims to be a non-anabolic and non-androgenic substance. It also labels itself “anti-aromatase”. After my first little run in with gyno I want to take all precautions. I don’t want to totally mess up my estrogen level with Armidex on such a “mild” steroid(or technically supplement), so I’ve decided to use Nolvadex with the Novedex XT.

I just want to get any and all info I can before I start, so: do you think this plan is wise and will it work both in modest muscle gain and in suppressing the sides?

first of all, its an estrogen erradicator…meaning it blocks the hormone that causes gyno. Secondly, this is a steroid forum.

There is one bottle of Novadex XT on the shelf where I work, and it’s been there as long as I have. You’re planning on taking a OTC supplement that is an anti-estrogen (if it is as all, it would have a very mild effect) along with a prescription anti-estrogen.

This seems stupid. You might get some results from taking the nolvadex alone in short stints like three to four weeks at a time, with an equal time off. Taking it alone will boost testosterone levels a bit, and you wouldn’t have to worry about gyno since you’d already be taking an anti-E.

However the body will adapt and you’d need to taper off the nolvadex (or you will get gyno) and let your body return to normal before repeating, hence the cycling. Try 40mg/day during the first two to three weeks and then running 30mg/day x 3 days, 20mg x 3 days, 10mg x 3days, (optional 5mg x 3 days if you can divide the dose) and then take a month off.

It won’t be spectacular results, but I’ll be better or as least comparable to anything OTC. On a side note, nolvadex is a scheduled drug and can still get you in some legal trouble without a prescription. Though I’m sure you won’t have to worry unless you are a complete idiot.

Thanks for the reply.

I am be the only one thinking this but with a prescription anti-e and the OTC one, would he not get estrogen rebound?