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Novedex XT?


was wondering anyone think this stuff is any good ?

and would it be wise to run it while doing Alpha Male .. i already know that Alpha Male has vitex in it but i figured that reducing the estragen while running Alpha Male would have some benefits


If you finished a cycle, neither are appropriate. Do proper PCT. If you haven't, either will do fine on its own.


I was wondering about this stuff too. I think with the Alpha Male and some creatine it could be a good pct plan. There is alot of speculation about this product and I am much more interested in people's feedback. If someone says it's not a good for pct I hope it is based on experience... Rebound XT at a dose of 75mg/day apparantly causes some bad sides such as dry joints, and some others as well. All signs of lowered estrogen, just the people that I read the feedback from on that particular site, I'm not so sure of the advice they give...

So please if anyone has some experience or warnings about this product, I would like to hear about it.

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I used it after a 4 week cycle of ErgoMax. Not only did I not lose any of the 8lbs or so I'd gained, I continued to put on muscle--about 4 more lbs in three weeks. This concerned me frankly. They claim Novedex is non-anabolic, non-androgenic and I used it simply to minimize estrogen for pct; I was not expecting to put on muscle. I stopped using it after three weeks. I'm wondering now whether to use it after a cycle of Pheraplex or go instead with something else. I'm still new to this so any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.


to all you guys.
I just finished a "cycle" of halendrol. I didnt get the gains I was expecting. I went right into novedex for a PCT and actually started to get leaner AND put on some muscle size. I lost a little weight though, thus the leaness.


If you're talking about the stuff from Gaspari, the way that it's supposed to work is to block estrogen production and estrogen receptors; since guys produce estrogen by converting test, it creates a feedback loop that cranks up your test production. I used it for six weeks and I loved the stuff; I'm alternating it with TRIBEX (can't get Alpha Male here). I didn't notice any problem with my joints, but I use a lot of EFAs and hyaluronic acid, so my joints are pretty well lubed.


It's good stuff. I'm an HRT guy and I've used this to help prevent some estrogen formation (doc won't prescribe Nolva or Arimedex). It did make me feel better noticeably.



It's atd. You can get it for like 15 bucks a bottle. I wouldnt' go over 25-50 mgs a day and tappering on and off would be a good idea too. It's Very effective at lowering estrogen levels and soo much so it might cause "estrogen rebound" or that's what I've heard.

I never had that issue the one time I used it. Then again (knock on wood) I've never had a gyno issue in my life. Look around and you can find ALOT of people who have used that product many times and can give you plenty of info on it. Personaly I'd feel safer using the real thing or some toremifene citrate.


I am now on my second week of Novadex xt, and I am now experiencing acne. I was just wondering if anyone else was as well?