Novaldex with HCG?

newbie here trying to get off T due to extreme anxiety issues. Presently on HCG mono for 5 weeks after four months of T (stopped T on 10/31) which is only PCT my doc will give me. My T level is 435 and estrogen at 21. I asked doctor about using Novaldex because so many here use it in PCT, and he said my estrogen too low to use, sure seems like it could restart my HPTA faster…what do you guys think? Advice greatly appreciated!!!

I don’t follow his reasoning. It’s not an AI, for starters, so it’s not going to supress estrogen. It blocks E2 from binding in breast tissue, your E2 won’t change directly from it. Also, Mono therapy with AI’s is actually a thing that’s been studied and used to increase test levels. I wouldn’t recommend it, but there is literature and it is done. Don’t be afraid to use Nolva.

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