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Novaldex for Restart Question

Age 50. Did test cypionate, 50mg twice weekly for four months, July-October 2019. Stopped, could never get anxiety under control. Added HCG 500iu eod in November. Felt great for three weeks. Then crashed. Doc had told me HCG was all I’d need to come off TRT, I now know that’s bad advice as it suppresses LH. In early January, I restarted TRT using cream on scrotum, and after 3 weeks anxiety hell returned. My t level before TRT was 445. I can live with that. I have a bunch of polymorphisms for neurotransmitters that just make me a bad candidate for TRT, I’ve learned. This forum has taught me so much and I respectfully ask for your advice, should I:

A. Go cold turkey?
B. Do 20mg of Nolvadex for 30 days, do bloods and call it good (hopefully)?

I’d be so happy to just get back to my levels before I started TRT. I wasn’t anxious and was doing just fine. As a 50 year-old, if I do Nolvadex, can that happen? If you’d be willing to share your experience with Nolvadex I’d be very grateful, thank you.

I think the general consensus is that all the pharmacological interventions for an HPTA restart require a ‘hand off’ period where your body has to take the reigns and produce on its own. You might get some symptom relief of low T in the interim with clomid/tamoxifen or HCG but ultimately there will be a transition period where your hormone levels drop as those chemicals leave your body and you naturally reset. So the shortest route if you have ceased exogenous hormones is to just see where you are in 3 months. If still low T, consider a pharmacological HPTA restart. Use cialis for any ED issues along the way and use the time to really focus on cleaning up your health to give your body its best chance of a full recovery.

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This is what we did all the time. Using AAS as a weightlifter, we typically ran cycles for 8-12 weeks. Some went longer, before a major competition usually. I know I did some at four months, but not more than five. Stopping, we’d lose weight, water weight we gained from higher E2. We’d lose size and strength, of course. That was it for me, I don’t recall any other “side effects” going off steroids. We never checked hormone levels, probably cost prohibitive then. We did check liver enzymes and lipids.

I know some bodybuilders who did this. They were very excited when Nolvadex became available. Typically, they took a loading dose, 100-120mg the first day, or maybe 40mg for the first four or five days. I’d be careful with this, SERMs essentially screw with your brain chemistry. Any visual disturbances, stop immediately.

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I’m grateful for the advice, thank you. Anyone have experience with Novaldex? Would love to hear first-hand account.

The hcg is to wake your hpta up, but you should have run nolvadex on the 6th hcg injection. Hcg should be injected max 8x, because i think it’s bad for the whole axis if you run it too long.

Standard pct is nolva 40 40 20 20.

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HCG is an LH mimic. It signals your testes to start producing, but is HPTA supressive. You don’t make LH, at least not like you should, when using HCG.
There is no “limit” to the number of times you can inject it, and it’s fine to take while on test or off, but you don’t take it at the same time as Nolvadex during a restart because it’s supressive and fighting the reason for taking the Nolva.

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So I’ve discontinued T cream and decided to start Nolva at 20mg per day, only on Day 2. It feels like there’s plenty of evidence that Nolvadex restarts LH and FSH raises T, and I’m a cold-turkey wimp…

Do you think I have reason to be optimistic that HPTA will restart within 30 days? As a reminder, I took T injecting 50mg 2x per week for four months, then went on HCG for 6 weeks (testes responded immediately and I felt great for 3 weeks on HCG, then not good)…then back on T cream for 2 weeks, and now Nolvadex. (I also recognize I did not use HCG properly for PCT.) Anyone use Nolvadex successfully?

You cant use hcg for too long, it will desensitize your leydig cells. Your best bet now, would probably be cold turkey.

I would pct a little differently. Wait 3-4 weeks after last test injection. Do the hcg, 2000 iu week 1, week 2.
Concurrently on the beginning of week 2 , i would do the usual 40 40 20 20 tamoxifen. Or you can skip the hcg and just do the tamoxifen. There’s another tamoxifen protocol that’s longer ,2020202010101010 , i think that was it.