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Novaldex During and for PCT

If I use Novaldex during a test-e cycle to prevent estrogen related problems, then, could I still use Novaldex for my PCT? Should I up the dose or should I go with Clomid after?

I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to run an AI to prevent estrogen related problems, and you take the Nolva if you start developing gyno (or something else) anyways.

You don’t want to run nolva the whole cycle.

just use armidex .25 mg EOD. If you see some gyno symptoms use 20 mgs nolva a day for as long as it takes for them to go away (usually 1-3 days).

The standard PCT for nolva is 40/40/20/20.

40 a day for the first 2 weeks, 20 a day for the last two weeks. Skip the clomid.

You could even read the serm and AI sticky and all of this info would be in there too.

Do most of ye take adex through the cycle? i wasn’t planning to for my first cycle of test E only. it’s really expensive!!

Adex costs about $70 for an almost interminable supply (60ml @ 1mg/ml) from chem research labs. It is a liquid suspension with a measured dropper that you can drop onto a teaspoon and slurp down.

Prescription Arimidex is the same drug in pill form, and yes, it is very expensive.

Letrozole suspension from chem research labs is even cheaper than liquid Adex.

During the 2 weeks where I take nothing between the end of my test E. cycle and my pct, will I get an estrogen rebound effect?

People say you should start your PCT 2 weeks after, but in the meantime, the test is going down while the estrogen levels are still high… so what do you do to prevent those titties from appearing??? Thats the only part I don’t really understand.

Either use a low dose adex or i used to use 20mg nolva for those 2 weeks before the full PCT plan.