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Novaeer's Training Log: On the Comeback Trail

New to posting a log in the O35 forum, but I’ve been a part of the site for maybe 5 years. Quick introduction for those who don’t know me. I’m a raw powerlifter in the 220 weight class, with meet PRs of 500/370/545 that I set back in November 2009. Since then, however, I’ve dealt with several injuries, a period of being burned out on lifting altogether and even getting into Olympic Weightlifting. Last October I developed a nerve compression in my hip that killed my strength levels and completely wrecked my squat and deadlift training for several months. I’m pain free now and my strength is coming back at a decent clip; in addition, I was able to compete in a full power meet yesterday for the first time in about 2.5 years.

Here is my official report from yesterday’s meet.

Meet Report
RPS VA States May 5, 2012

BW = 216, Raw Full Power


First Attempt 405 3 whites
2nd Attempt 430 3 whites
3rd Attempt 450 3 whites

Bench Press

First Attempt 325 3 whites
2nd Attempt 345 3 whites
3rd Attempt 355 Sucked


First Attempt 450 3 whites
2nd Attempt 475 3 whites
3rd Attempt 505 3 whites

Total 1300

Summary: I had no real expectations for this meet since it was my first full power meet in over 2.5 years and the first training cycle I’ve had since rehab-ing my nerve issue. Anyhow, on to the day’s events. The warmups felt good, but unfortunately you couldn’t hear the announcer tell how long before lifting commenced. My last warm-up was only with 315 because we simply ran out of time. I was a bit concerned about that, making such a big jump and all. Sunk my opener deep and came up without any problems at all. Second attempt was a little harder, but still plenty left in the tank. Decided to go up to 450, which would technically be a no-wrap PR. It was a little slow coming up, but still got it.

When bench warm-ups rolled around, my mid-back was REALLY tightening up, so I figured a big bench PR was probably not going to happen. Opener with 325 was easy, and went with 345 for #2 and hit it with a bit more trouble than I thought it would be. I debated on whether to go for attempt #3 because my back was jacked up by that point and I didn’t want to hurt my chances at getting at least a decent deadlift. Decided to give 355 a shot anyway and thought I might have a chance with it, but right before mid-way up the back just wasn’t having it. I used the foam roller and slapped on some Blue Heat and that helped the back out a lot. Opened at 450 and that was a piece of cake and surprisingly 475 was as well for the 2nd attempt. Since 1300 was within reach, I picked 505 to close out my day and got the lift, with maybe a little to spare. Since it was a pretty small meet and not many full power entries, I won best raw lifter, lol.

Here are the videos of my lifts.

Now that this meet is over, I’m going to be working with Adam Hires (Hulk Training Systems) to set up my training programming.

Welcome. Adam is a great programmer…just follow his stuff to the letter

Welcome to the old folks home.

Welcome, Novaeer.

Great stuff! Really enjoyed your meet vid.

Was this Meat’s meet?

[quote]kpsnap wrote:
Great stuff! Really enjoyed your meet vid.

Was this Meat’s meet?[/quote]

Thanks. This was Gene Rychlak’s new fed, and was held out in Winchester. I will go to meat’s comp since his gym is only 10-15 minutes from my house, lol.

May 10th
HTS Week 1 Day 1


335x6 (belt)

2" Deficit speed pull


Band side-steps
Mini band x 3 x 10

Good mornings

Pulldown abs

Bulgarian split squats

Band leg curls
Light x 3 x15

Summary: First day working with Adam and it was great. Although my lower back was still feeling some fatigue from the meet, the squats went pretty well. I didn’t use the belt on the 3 sets of doubles, but decided to use it for the rep set. Cranked out 6 and honestly could have added several more, though I doubt my lower back would have appreciated that just 4 days after the meet; however, I will definitely be pushing these harder in the coming weeks. Speed pulls were speedy. I haven’t done this much assistance work in quite a while, but for me the most painful exercise of the day was the DB split squats. Unilateral work has been absent from my sessions for many moons, which left my legs feeling like jello after both sets.

BSSs are so hard. I’ve recently added them back in as well. Unilateral work really spotlights weaknesses and imbalances.

May 12th
HTS Week 1 Day 2

Bench press


CG floor press

OH Press

JM Press

Face pulls


Hammer curls

Summary: Good day. Bench reps were all nice and fast. I’m still getting accustomed to the accessory work and by the end of the session I was beat. This was the first time doing curls since straining my wrists last fall. I wasn’t thrilled with my bench press results from the meet training cycle so I’m looking forward to getting it back on track.

May 13th
HTS Week 1 Day 3

Front squat


Deadlift (no belt)

-add belt


DB rows
100x13,12 (R,L)

Barbell shrugs


Leg curls

DB 5-count pause bench press

Summary: I haven’t front squatted since January, so I was curious how easy or hard these were going to be. They were surprisingly easy and since I’ve never done sets of 8 on FS, this qualifies as a rep PR at this weight, lol. Bar speed on deadlifts was good as that first time pulling after a meet is generally awful. I did the DB rows strictly and could only muster 13 and 12, respectively, with my right and left arms. The DB bench was absolute torture. I snickered when I saw “only 60 pounds” for these and by the time I got to the 10th rep I realized it was no joke. That last rep had a deep burn, Ron Burgundy style.

Hello. I like your log.

[quote]Spock81 wrote:
Hello. I like your log. [/quote]

Well hello to you, too, Spock. Feel free to stop by. :wink:

HTS Wk 2 Day 1
May 16th

Squat (no belt)


(added belt)
315x9 -supposed to be 8

2" deficit Speed pulls


Band side-steps


Good mornings


Ab pulldowns


DB Bulgarian S/S


Seated leg curls


Summary: Squats felt really solid, but abs were still sore from front squats on Sunday. Doubles weren’t quite like speed weight, though they were very close. I think I just got into the zone during the rep set and lost count. Did an extra rep just for good measure and I could have cranked out more, but in my rep-deficient state right now my form would have ended going to total shit. Speed pulls felt great and even the Bulgarian S/S weren’t quite as bad this week. Good day, imo.

Just getting caught up on your log. Good stuff, glad to have another old fart who competes on here.

HTS Week 2 Day 2
May 19th

Bench press


CG floor press

OH press

JM Presses

Face pulls


Hammer curls

Summary: Bench felt really easy today. It was only 265, but all the reps were explosive. Got a good pump from the floor presses and military presses. Finished the whole session in fairly short order, maybe around 45-50 minutes.

HTS Week 2 Day 3
May 20th

Front squats w/u to 205x10
Deadlifts 385x5x1 (no belt); 385x9 (belt)
SLDLs 255x3x8
DB Rows 100x2x10
Barbell shrugs 285x2x20
Lat pulldowns 3x12
Leg curls 4x25
Timed DB presses (5 count on chest each rep) 50# for 1m30s

Summary: Front squats were pretty easy today. Only had to worry about working up to one set of 10 instead of 2x8. Still had my abs cooked by the end of the set. Deadlifts had good speed and on the rep set with 385 I could have done a few more had I decided to really, really push things. Having not ventured above 5 reps on DLs for years, I was pleased to crank out even 9. Good session overall.

HTS Week 3 Day 1
May 24th

Squat (no belt) 350x3x2, 375x1, 395x1
Band side steps mini band for 3x10
Good mornings 135x3x10
Pulldown abs 3x8
DB Bulgarian Split squats 35x3x10
Seated leg curls 3x15

Summary: Decided to test out my squats sans belt today. The doubles with 350 moved really easy and on the work-up singles the bar speed was pretty decent. I haven’t squatted that much without a belt in 3 years, so I’m pretty pleased about it. The assistance work was a breeze, with the exception of those bloody BSS. Damn you, Adam, lol.

Here’s a video of my squat sets. The angle isn’t the greatest, but there’s no room to get a good side shot because they’ve crammed so much crap in the corner where the racks are. Whatevah.

HTS Week 3 Day 2
May 26th

Bench press 295x3x3;315x1;335x1
CG floor press 235x13
OH press 105x2x10
JM Press 135x4x8
Face pulls 3x15
Pushdowns 4x15
Hammer curls 45x3x8

Summary: Felt a little sluggish going into this because I had to lug a bunch of boxes around to a yard sale, not to mention the fact that the garage was a sauna. Nonetheless, the bench sets were pretty solid. I was actually surprised I managed to get 13 reps on the CG floor press since I rarely do high rep stuff, and I probably had another rep or two left in the tank. Rest of the assistance work I flew through. Video of bench sets below.