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Notoriously Infamous Diesel Weasel


Does anyone still have the links to the original, notoriously infamous Diesel Weasel squat and deadlift videos? I have seen them referenced countless times in many different threads, but searches will only show the newer PR attempts.


I did a google search on the guy (yes, I'm a loser and work is boring) and...he really gets around. From another forum, here's the link to all of his videos:



GOD I hope they got erased.

They are worth NOTHING in the way of anything constructive a good laugh at first them just DANGEROUS and annoying.

Thats my take


I think videos on putfile stay there for 6 months longer than the last time anyone clicks on it.

With his popularity, those videos will be there for a looooooong time.

I can't wait to see a video of him signing autographs.


Diesel is amazing. The man avoids injury time and time again. He must have powers like Wolverine.


Just curious guys, what are the worst form videos on there? I watched the zercher dead and the 450x1 deadlift and seems like he is really rounding his back. I guess I'm just trying to make sure I'm not committing any of those mistakes.


He's got a vid of a Zercher deadlift from the floor that was the worst I could find of the videos up.


The zercher DL is obviously in the top 3.


but what of the original moves? did anyone save them to one's computer and can post them up? i'm talking about DW's 'early' days of lifting just a little bit of weight, but doing it terribly.


lol thats some of the funniest videos i have seen in a while, that man is crazy.


I find it fascinating that the guy thinks he can deadlift like 450lbs yet can only bench 210 for ALMOST 2 reps!

Seriously, this guy is going to be fucked later in life(that is if he doesn't snap himself in half lifting like that).


Hi guys,

Does anyone still have his videos stored? I would love to watch them. Sorry for digging up such an old thread.





Yeah, thank you, i know the youtube ones (there 3-4 of him on there). However, all of his early notorious clean-and-jerks, deadlifts etc. (from 2005-2006) are not on there. They used t be on putfile, I hope someone still has them.


We used to go to the same gym. I've seen him lift LIVE several times.


He has some newer vids up with better form. 1140 total at 165, including a 520 deadlift. Not amazing but he's come a long way.


LOL oh man, he is hilarious in every exercise. The deadlift and curls had me laughing.


Holy Crap, I forgot how horrific those old vids were. Actually, I saw our boy a few weeks back at a local strongman contest in NY (my girl's brother competes). I only recognized the guy from his online videos. Certainly not very impressive, but he is a bit better off now than he was back when he was posting up vids like this.



Hilarity ensues.


These ones are hilarious as well:

DieselWeasel squat 300 lbs 1 rep: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nrhbp7FujRU&feature=related

(he bounces the bar of the safety bars)

DieselWeasel deadlift 425 lbs 1 rep: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4Fm277eIzE&feature=related

(he rolls the bar up his legs)

Anyways, does anyone have his older other videos which are even more hilarious? He also made notorious videos of him doing clean and jerks and so on.