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NOTLD - Allison McSweeny


Have a look at this woman deadlifting at the NOTLD. She makes me want to suck it up when things aren't going my way in the gym.


That is the most baddass shit I have ever seen. I do some personal training and would love to have this video on hand for all of the people that think they can't deadlift... which is everybody.


What in the fuck did I just watch? That is awesome!


No shit, I want to buy that Lady a beer.


Talk about humbling....Awesome!




Very cool.


Shes awesome, what an inspiration.


thats awesome stuff right there . kudos to her .


Most inspirational/awesome pull at that meet. The only time the crowd got as loud was during Urbank's 906lb deadlift. She actually missed that on her 3rd attempt due to becoming unbalanced but talked to Campbell requesting if she could try it again, saying she knew she could do it. Crowd was roaring for her to attempt a 4th lift of it and she got it. The atmosphere was crazy.


Even more awesome to watch it in person. She is a very sweet girl and is an inspiration to many.


damn i've seen this everywhere and just finally watched, absolutely incredible. for the longest time i just thought "whats so impressive about a sub 1.5xBW deadlift?"


That is awesome, and so is this:


Plenty of fight left in that lifter!


I saw this posted around and didn't watch it at first, because I was also like BigDeez. Finally watched it - what an inspiration.


Does she lift with a prosthetic leg at all? Or is there trouble getting one that bends appropriately?
Does she squat?

I've been curious about what may be possible with prosthetics for powerlifting and indeed for Olympic Lifting for a while now.


Great stuff. Thanks for this. DLing with one leg must require an incredible amount of core strength to stabilize, I imagine.


My guess is that she is unable to lift with it on, there is a video of her doing a farmers walk, and it screws up while she is walking with a relatively minor amount of weight and pressure on her leg, compared to what she is would pull/get with deadlifting