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Noticing Some Gyno


Well going into week 6 of my 10 week 500mg/week test e cycle I'm getting some gyno in my left nipple. It's sore and slightly puffier than the right.

I started with .5mg of Arimidex today and plan on using it until the end of my cycle. I have clomid and nolva too, however I haven't used them yet. Would you reccomend I start or let the Adex take care of it?

I want to maximize my gains but I don't want a set of knockers either.


Alright, perhaps somebody will disagree with me. But here's my 2 cc's. FUCK "maximizing your gains" not using an ai when you're using any AAS that aromatize and running the risk of getting gyno, wich it sounds like you got buddy, ISN'T worth it. Besides having some titties that you can't fuck, the extra gains from not running something like arimidex throughout your cycle isn't likely to be much but water. On top of that the elevated estrogen levels, if I'm not mistaken, cause even greater suppression of the htpa. Hopefully someone can clear that up further. All in all it's a real bad idea.

I'd say up your arimidex dose to 1 mg ed and immediately take 20-40 mgs nolva for the next few day till the itching and swelling goes down then maybe you could consider using 1 mg of arimdex eod. Anyone else wanna revise that or tell me I'm giving bad advice fee free to speak up.


Going with 1mg of Arimidex and 25mg of Nolva right now. It doesn't even look like I typically thought it would, just swollen, like it's filled with water. Hopefully this stuff will get rid of it.


1mg of A-dex is no better than .5mgs, and 40 mgs of Nolvadex is no better than 20.

He should be using some letro...


That's what I was looking for. Otherwise I wasn't giving false info?

BTW, I'm always kinda hesitant on reccommending letro because it seems so strong that I dont' know how to dose it. I never have (knock on wood) estrogen issues so the times I have used gyno I feel it's too damn strong and I end up using like 1/4 of a cc every 3 days or so. I always figured arimidex is easier to dose. I didn't know it wasn't any more affective at a higher dose vs. .5 mgs. Good to know.