Noticing Growth at Injection Site?

Do you notice any growth at the site of your injections, like quads\delts\biceps\triceps compared to not injecting there before? I am just trying to gauge whether or not I want to inject in multiple muscle groups for that effect, but I have not read any substancial evidence that suggest that it will. The only way to tell would to be to inject a muscle on the right side and not on the left for a cycle, correct?

I do not experience any site growth from AAS. Some claim to, but I imagine it is from the volume of oil deposited in the muscle, and would be temporary.

I personally believe that if one injects increasing volumes regularly into a relatively small muscle - such as Bicep heads, Tricep heads, Deltoid heads - that the fascia can be stretched from the inside - similar to extreme stretching. I dont know how many of you have experienced this, but i am sure many have - when you do a 2ml injection into a bicep head, it hurts like the most extreme of stretches - irrespective of BA content etc… i suspect is the stretching effect the oil bolus (albeit temporary) has on the muscle fascia from the inside - hopefully facilitating more ‘room’ for growth.
How accurate this is even physiologically - i dont know, i am not 100% convinced myself however; i like to utilize all possible benefits - so just in case the above is true - even to a minute degree, i do it.

I must say, since i regularly started pinning moderate volumes into my long bicep head, i have managed to match the ‘shape’ of the biceps in relation to each other. Whether this is scar tissue or not, i can’t say - but it looks better nonetheless.

I inject TRT doses EOD, so the volumes are very small small degree of stretching]. I inject into vastus lateralis. These muscles are obviously bigger than they should be. Note that this is from long term injecting, almost 3 years for those sites.

Some of the ester groups are moved from the testosterone esters locally, not limited to conversion in the blood stream.

I’m also on TRT and was initially alternate injecting a cc into either vastus lateralis. After a couple months, the sweep to my quads became more pronounced. I can’t really account for this just from 1 cc a week, but it happened. Since then, I’ve been alternating quads with medial delt and my shoulders have gone from 52 in to 54 in a couple of months.

I’ve gained a good bit of weight in that time, so I’m not saying it’s just the test, but it’s pretty interesting how the two muscles I’ve injected into have grown the fastest.