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Noticed this about Chic's Nowadays

at the gym I train that there are just as many girls doing squats and deadlifts then there were guys doing them 10 years ago, and I’m liking it I like a meaty set of legs and tight booty. I also dig the yoga pants.

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I thought this was going to be a rant about some place called “Chic’s”… or a thread about Bob Cicherillo’s house.

Is English your second language?

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I thought they were coming out with new music… :slight_frown:

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We can thank the internet for that. Now, instead of being rail thin like a super model of the 90’s, girls are self conscious about not having an ass and thighs because Instagram has told them that is the way to be. Stupid sheep…

But hey… their insecurities provide much better booties walking around in the world, so hey… I’m down.

Thanks for disregarding my poor English


The women I know at the gym tend to work harder than most of the men too.


Yes, but only a few.

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See… it’s stuff like this that makes me wish I trained at a commercial gym.

I go to my local Y, it’s a rinky dink branch not 2 blocks from my office… the only people I ever see there are elderly (water aerobics is generally going on during my lunch hour/training time), or cardio bunnies.

I’ve been going to this Y for 6 mos, and I’ve never once had to weight on equipment. Rarely do I encounter other lifters.

Sadly, the first thing I noticed is her form is kind of goofy. Shouldn’t she lock her arms and get better leverage?

That’s over double bodyweight, try it on a prowler. She would have better leverage if she put hands higher, but is harder to keep it in a straight line. Maybe her arms and delts are fried, she is pushing it hard if she could get the sled a couple inches off ground it would be easier but have to move faster . You strong guys out their try putting 1.5 bodyweight on a prowler and pushing it 30 yard’s. And i guarantee the back looks as good as front on this girl.