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Notice About Flameout


The Biotest warehouse is on fire! Everything's burning to the ground!

No, that's not true.

It'd be pretty bad if that were the case though, wouldn't it?

Now that you all feel better, I do have some bad news that will PALE in comparison.

It turns out, despite my promises, that our supplies of Flameout will run out some time this week.

It wil not be back in stock for a couple of weeks. It's going to take us this run (the third one) to get caught up.

After this next batch, barring anything weird, we should never run out again.

I'm deeply sorry. If you want to post hateful things about me on this thread, feel free..


Eeeekk, I was scared for a minute there about the fire. No hateful things for you TC, I stocked up last order! Thanks for everything! [Just something nice to offset the I hate you's that will be rolling in:) ]




Damn it! It's all your fault! I hate you!

Just kidding. I'm not mad at all.
I recently figured that since my last order was going to be over $300 total, I split it into 2 orders and got 4 bottles of Flameout, along with free shipping on both orders. :stuck_out_tongue:

(not to rub it in though, for those who may be running out soon)


thank you for notifying us TC. I know I am happy and appreciative that you acknowledge the problem before it happens so at least we know what to expect.


Chad Waterbury will be over tomorrow morning to collect the two extra bottles you received through guile and deception.

Just hand them over; don't argue, and whatever you do, don't look him in the eyes.


I think I'll down a whole bottle now.

They take a while to get absorbed so I won't be wasting them right?


I guess you've never had 'oil shits.'


psssss. It's back...


on the note of what's in and out, that Premium Quality Whey didn't stick around for very long, sheesh...


Flameout-when will we get to order more than two at a time?

And why doesn't Biotest have a manufacturing facility in Canada or Europe since shipping and customs is such a pain in the ass?



Yes, You should really set up in Europe.
We have nice beaches, good beer and userfriendly women.

At the moment I have to negotiate with a cod-wrestling Norwegian named Ojvind to get some high-DHA oil. (he?s got really bad breath)
Please :wink:


What, you don't think creating a "manufacturing facility in Canada or Europe" would be a pain in the ass? It would be MUCH cheaper if Biotest created a "Biotest Bus" that traveled the country(-ies) delivering shows and supps. Wait. Don't they already have a bus (with some hotties) that makes public appearances?



Actually, I appreciate the update.


Thanks for the info TC, it's all good. As long as you guys keep it coming.





More room for Chocolate Chunk bars......whats the ETA on those!


I second the question about being able to order more than two. It's cool that there's enough of a demand that it's selling out, but those of us who are working up to Hammer Down can't be spending $150 every six weeks to get that free shipping.

Well, maybe some can, but not me. And trying to turn new customers on to Flameout is a lot harder when the price suddenly skyrockets either due to the shipping charges or trying to hit that $150 shipping (given the choice between an extra box of MD bars or shipping fees, there's no contest).

Although if I can convince someone to get a couple bottles of Flameout when I order mine, it works out for the best for us all.


I second that. I'm happy to be limited to two bottles. It's better than nothing! Thanks for the update TC.



Holy Hell, quite a foreboding Subject line...

I was expecting something like, "If you've recently taken Flameout, please call this number, return your product and go see a Doctor."

Not that i'd ever expect anything like that from the wonderful folks at Biotest, but hey, everyone makes mistakes. =D