Nothing Under My Skin But Light

Hey everyone!
I decided to move over here from PW, if you will have me.

I’m 5’4" 110 48 years old.
I’ve been using weights since November 2008 when I decided I needed to get stronger in order to get my blackbelt in taekwondo.

My best lifts are 210/135/100. I’ll translate for you: 1.8/1.2/0.9 x bw.
I want these numbers to be 2/1.5/1 x bw.

In reference to the log title:
“It seems only yesterday that I used to believe there was nothing under my skin but light. If you cut me I would shine.”

I do cardio because it keeps me feeling this way, not because I like it:

If you cut me, I will shine.

welcome, I think we can fit one more in :slight_smile:

Great to be here with you. blows a kiss.

new log :slight_smile:


I’m 48 also -

glad to have you here, Spider woman~

[quote]arachne12 wrote:

If you cut me, I will shine.


ahhh, I’ve missed your posts.

never fail to brighten my mood.

You guys are so damn cute! Thanks for the welcome.

–Lifting stuff–
8x3 105 which is not quite 80% of my 1 RM. Still LOVING the 8 sets plan. It gives me so much time to fix form issues. These felt great, but after this meet it’s time to take my squat seriously and move that number UP.
Leg extensions (machine)

–Cardio/mood stuff–
No cardio today. Interval treadmill sprints for 20 minutes each of the last two days. I’m headed for a yurt tonight. Colorado Trail hiking or mountain biking planned for Sunday. Mood excellent!

–Meet stuff–
I intend to fit in militaries this weekend. Even if I push it I really only have two more training days for each lift before the meet.
I’ll buy some new St Patrick’s day on-sale deadlifting socks Sunday. Weight 111 so no worries about making weight right now.

Hope you all are shining today!

Welcome, Arachne!

Well, human skin is translucent, so in computer graphics when you want to simulate skin, you use a shader that renders a very subtle glow . . .

Ugh, that came out awfully nerdish, didn’t it? Your way is more poetic.

You, me, and Kimba. We’re all cut from the same cloth size-wise.

Tiny strong women, unite!

That meet is right around the corner!

glad to be following along!

Welcome to the forum & Tear it up at your meet!

Welcome. Everyone loves the tiny strong women.

I never realised you were so little… and so old. ha. I’m right there with you. I’m glad you decided to join us.

cavalier, I’m pretty nerdish myself so I liked that thought a lot!
snap, sundown, I’m glad to add to the tinystrong women count over here. Who knew there were so many of us?
alexis and Colin, thanks! :slight_smile:
Ouro… I never realized it either. :wink:

Cardio/mood stuff
2.5 miles straight up the CO Trail yesterday brought me to the top of a ridge so beautiful it brought me to tears. I ran most of the way back down, which was pretty awesome.
Mood unfortunately only fair. No cardio today.

1x45, 1x55 4x55 2x65 3x65 2x65 3x65 2x2x65 I really hope to knock out 8 sets of triples on these soon and move up. They felt good.

Bent laterals 3x10 5s

Neutral grip pullups 5, 5 these were very hard today and I could only get 5 vs 7 last week. I’m not sure why. Shoes added two pounds? Still pretty disappointing so I tried the towel grip. It wasn’t as hard as I expected.

Towel pullups 3

Light bench 10x72.5 this was expected, and accomplished for a new 10 RM. I can pass this easily next week.

Skull crushers 2x8 47.5 I really enjoy these. My core has to participate and I’m fine with that.

Cable extensions 2x8 40
Cable pressdown 1x8 40

Pallof 1x5 50

I do believe I am as strong as I have ever been in my life. I think that’s a pretty cool thing to be able to say.

Happy lifting y’all!

Tiny’s Unite!!!

welcome to O35


Thanks for the welcome kmcnyc and bulldog! I’m glad to be here.

Deadlift (sumo)
2x3, 1x1, 1x2, 3x1 175 I expected these to be easier. 175 for a triple is only 192 at a 1RM. I’m really not much good at repping deadlifts. Doubles next week and that’s it until the meet, I think. I really can’t stand to take the whole week off next week.

Overhead squat 1x10 steel bar
Good mornings 2x5 55 1x5 60. I tried seated GMs for one set. I didn’t quite get the point, so I’ll have to study those more.
Good girls/bad girls/kickbacks on cable at 20 2x5 each

1x2 45
5x2 95. According to my calculations this equal a 1RM of 101 which should surely be good enough for the meet 99 or … even more.

Lab pulldowns 2x8 140
DB rows 1x4 50s I should be able to get 5 on these
Incline press 1x7, 2x5 30s

I did everything with a lot of focus and slowly today, so I think that’s enough.

Cardio/mood stuffs
Treadmill 20x30 seconds at 7 mph with 30 seconds rest each. 20 min total + 5 minute cool down. Sweat happened. Mood: pretty good. Right knee and left hip feel a little weird. Better go slowly on the trail running until the weekend.

Lift heavy stuff, people. You are amazing!

seated gms are tough in a way but I dunno either. I’m on the fence.

And the meet IS coming soon don’t fret about laying low next week either… Just think of all the built up lifting mojo you’ll have at your disposal come meet day. :smiley:

These socks will surely add 10 lbs to my deadlift at this meet…

Brutiful! Thanks for coming over here. I’m excited about the meet. I feel really strong (for me) and confident. I’ve got the mojo. (see socks ^) Will I see you there?