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Nothing to Sneeze At

Hi! My name is Sarah. I used to have a log here over 1 year ago before being held captive by cbear…


I won’t bore you with the random nonsense that I have been up to. Let’s just say I took a long, unproductive break : / Oh wait, I did train for, and run, 2 half marathons…that was kinda productive. YAY!

Me: Female, 5’7, 169lbs (whoops)
Diet: Carb Cycling
Training: Back on 531 as of tomorrow
Goals: Fat melting fun

SInce i have been away from weights for a little while, I think it will take me a few weeks to determine some realistic weight goals and PR’S

My plan for this log:

  • to log meals, 531 training, cardio etc.
  • to get thoughts, comments, critiques, criticism, and support from you fine ladies (and gentlemen)
  • random thoughts, stories, and pic’s from passers-by

So, without further ado, hello and nice to meet you, again.

Wednesday April 27th - (Day ahead in oz)

High Day

M1 - PP and 1/3 cup oats
M2 - 66g Chicken Breast, 1 lc tortilla, 1/2 cucumber (home grown :slight_smile: and to think my husband said i’d end up killing the veggie garden)
M3 - 66g Chicken Breast, 1 lc tortilla
M4 - 66g Chicken Breast, Caesar Salad, 1/2 cup cooked brown rice
M5 - PP and medium green apple w/ cinnamon

Fish Oil
Multi Vit
Fat Burner

I also have some superfood that I intend to add to my morning shakes

Zilch - but, on my lunch break I did join the brand new gym that is right next to my work. It has shiny new weighs that I’m looking forward to having my way with. I will begin to break them in TOMORROW

Thursday April 28th (Planned)

Low Day

Meal 1 1 scoop PP (Max’s Hydroxyphase), Forme Yogurt (12g Carbs)
Meal 2 80g Chicken breast, light Ceasar salad, 15 almonds
Meal 3 80g Chicken breast, light ceasar salad, fish oil
pre WO Jacked
Meal 4 - PWO - 1 scoop PP (Max’s Hydroxyphase), Oats (I prefer to eat my PWO carbs, especially on low days. Any suggestions on best pwo carbs that you eat, not drink?)
Meal 5 80g Chicken, lc tortilla or 75g potato,

If I am able to workout on my lunch break (before M3) then I will shift the meals to suite. Otherwise I will workout right after work.

HEY!! Welcome back!! whatch goin to do on your lunch workout?? what kinda stuff are you into now? Powerlifting, Olympic, general strength training?

[quote]brute_fury wrote:
HEY!! Welcome back!! whatch goin to do on your lunch workout?? what kinda stuff are you into now? Powerlifting, Olympic, general strength training?[/quote]

Hey Brute! Thanks for the welcome, It is good to be back.

Well, I don’t realistically think I can get my entire workout in on my lunch break however my boss is pretty cool and I am sure I can take an extended lunch 1-2 days per week and then workout after work 1-2 x per week. I figure I put in enough late nights that that is what has been preventing me form working out at all, let alone be motivated to do anything.

I figure somethings gotta give. 1. I take a long lunch and get in my 531, cardio, and a shower 2. I leave work on-time, no exceptions. I’ll see what works best.

I have spent the last few hours trying to locate my old w/o logs to see where I left off. Obviously I won’t be lifting as much initially. I remember my grip being very shotty as well. I will need to work on that and my posture. I have serious pelvic tilt and tight hip flexors.

Tomorrow’s plan:
Military Press 3x5 (between 20-25kg)
Incline DB Press 5x12 (?8kg db’s x 12)
Grip Holds 10kg plates (30sec x 5)
Muscle Snatch 5x10 (15kg x 10)
ab work

For now my goals are general strength.

dont bother with the old logs. your coach had only half a clue but was incredibly insistent.

the important thing is that you’re here, and you care WAY more about what you eat than anyone else does. :slight_smile:

we care way more about nekkidness, heavy weights, and food porn. :slight_smile:

welcome back, kotter.

yeah i say just start from scratch. old logs can be hard to look at too…if you’ve lost strength. can make me depresed!!

hope it all comes together for you :slight_smile:


So I have started from scratch and just as I go to type up my workout achievement…I realize I left my freaken new training log at the gym. UGH

side note - I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new gym

Brute - The lunchtime workout did not happen. Actually the entire lunch break went out the window. So I scrambled out of work at 5:15, went straight to the gym, squeezed in the above workout (minus ab work), and 15 min HIIT. It felt good but man was a hungry tonight. I could really feel that today was a low day, not to mention day 2 of the diet. Ah well.

So, I was a chicken shit today. I was actually nervous going to the gym. That is how long it’s been. I felt so self conscious even walking in let alone walking up to a barbell. So, as a lil turd, I warmed up on the machines FIRST. Then I got over my nerves and pathetic anxiety and joined the boys in the weight room. I felt like a dork again when I did plate pinches, but hey they gotta be done. Speaking of the plate pinches. My pathetic grip dropped back to 5 kg plates, use to be able to do the 10-15kg…but who is keeping track :wink:

In other news, I am in Malaysia in 2 weeks for work. I bring this up because I will spend the next two weeks mentally preparing for NOT falling off the diet or training. I am the pickiest lil biatch when it comes to meat. Seriously I am the chicken breast or Filet Mignon only girl, I am fearful that our international colleagues will take me out as their guest and I’ll have to eat monkey brain, or the eyeball of some strange fish “as an honor”. Seriously, some co-workers have had similar experiences. WHAT TO DO.

Ooops if I offend anyone. Every culture and country is different. I am just wondering how this picky brat is gonna cope!!!

Today’s actual

Meal 1 1 scoop PP (Max’s Hydroxyphase) with superfood (yuck-poured 1/2 out), 1/4c oats
Meal 2 80g Chicken breast, light Ceasar salad
Meal 3 80g Chicken breast, light ceasar salad
pre WO Jacked
Meal 4 - PWO - 1 scoop PP (Max’s Hydroxyphase), light yogurt
Meal 5 80g Chicken, (2) lc tortilla

Friday April 29th - planned

Medium Day

Meal 1 3/4 scoop PP (Max’s Hydroxyphase) 1/3 cup oats
Meal 2 77g Chicken breast, light Ceasar salad 15 almonds
Meal 3 Tuna, salad or peas fish oil
Meal 4 - PWO 3/4 scoop PP (Max’s Hydroxyphase) , 1/3 cup oats
Meal 5 77g Chicken, 64g filet mignon, or 115g lean gr. Beef + LC wraps,1/2 cup rice, or 1/2 cup potatoes

30 min steady state cardio

Cardio on a treadmill sucks!!! Correction…CARDIO sucks.

Welcome! You’re the same height as me, similar goals. Let me know how you do with the carb cycling. I tend to go very low carb when trying to dump fat but then rebound horribly. At the moment I’ve gone back to eating rice because I’m training for a half marathon (next weekend).

I did a Korea/Japan trip at the end of 2009 and didn’t gain any weight despite eating three good meals a day. I was walking around a fair bit, mind you. In Japan you generally know what you’re going to be eating because they have photographs or plastic replicas of everything in most places, but in some of the smaller Korean towns, there’s no English anywhere and you pretty much have to pantomine “bring me food” and hope they give you something edible.

In one place, the woman brought us a variety of dishes including a bowl of funny little segmented bean-type things. I just knew these were of insectoid origin but I tried some and actually, they were quite tasty. We cleared a bowl of them and took one back to the hotel to show our Korean tour guide and she told us they were “beondegi” or silk worm pupae. Good source of protein, apparently.

I would LOVE to see cal’s “bring me food” pantomime.

I bought a stuffed pastry at a bus stop in Cambodia a couple years back. When at told my Cambodian host she just looked at my really funny and said “don’t do that again”

I figured wth it was cooked how bad can it be? … she wouldn’t tell me what I ate.

Cal- Good luck with the 1/2. Have you done one before? Did you follow a training plan, or create your own? Do you have any goals for the race? I’ll pop by your log to see if I can answer my own questions. Man, my two races were last year and I feel that you lose it quickly if you don’t keep up the miles after the race. I was way more please with my second race knowing what I was getting into. It mostly came down to willpower, a determined as hell mind-frame that refused to walk even when my lil injuries were nigling in the background, and a kickass playlist. Without my music I swear it would have been harder. Thanks for the info on Korea…still nervous.

nimain - oh no! See this is what I’m afraid of. I seriously am that person that will spit the food out into a napkin if it has not already induced vomiting do to strange identifiable bits in my mouth. Hmmmm

Maybe I’ll take up cals rice diet for the week :confused:

It is confirmed the the PJ Marriott in KL has a gym and I will be able to get my own breakfast. Maybe I take the vegetarian or food allergy approach and then drink a shitload of shakes. TBD


So this disrespectful Sir woke me at 3am for a shit.

*** Now Chris has been away on a fishing trip (yay fresh ahi) for the last 5 nights. I told Fletch in dog speak to take his shit at dinner time. He did not listen so I proceeded to say well, I WILL NOT BE TAKING YOU IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!

Little shit called my bluff and whined until I stumbled up to take him. Freezing here atm as I prance along the cold tile in my undies and open the backdoor to the rude crisp 3AM air. Then, no more than 5 minutes later he is snoring away, as if to rub in the fact that he can fall right back to sleep while I spent the next 1.5 hours telling my freakin brain to turn off and go to sleep. UCK!!! NOT HAPPY

Then, 8:15 am…wide awake. Hello, it’s Saturday!!! should be sleeping in longer than this.

  • Chris wishes he did not have to eat or sleep (crazy, I know) - TWO of my favorite things. I swear I was meant to be a bear with periods of hibernation.

~ Down 2.5 lbs in 3 days. Water, I know…but it just goes to show when I eat crap, I retain a lot of crap. Tummy feels better already

~ In ketosis, according to ketostix. Not really meant to be in keto on carb cycling. hmmm
Weds. 100 carbs - no exercise
Thurs. 45 carbs - HIIT and Weights
Friday 60 carbs - 20 min steady state
I could tell I was in keto so I tested. Keep in mind I had plenty of water (never pee’d so much) and minimal fat. was meant to have almonds and fish oil on Thurs and Friday…but I did not

~ Beautiful morning to do outdoor Sprints - Fletch’s idea, not mine (pup has issues I tell ya)

~ Today is another low day
PP and 1/4 cup oats
531 - hmm squats or DL? Hope I did chicken sit this time
80g chicken, lc wrap
80g chicken, light ceasar salad
meat and veg -tbd
meat and 15g carb - tbd

joey did that to jason and i one night… twice. got cock blocked with doggy diarrhea. NOT AWESOME.

then he did it again JUST as i was halfway between sleep and wake. so there i was, november in ohio, 415 in the A FUCKING M whispering obscenities at my dog as he dragged me around getting sick outside.

Hiit felt harder today. Gyming it tonight or tomorrow, depending on when Chris gets home from his trip. Since we now train at different gyms we want to try and at least do one day together on weekends!

I can already feel my high hammies/ glutes from those sprints. We have 2 huge football ovals(yes, the field is oval not rectangle) that are fenced in, right across the street. So the plN was a sprint wAlk sprint walk as fletch sniffs and pisses. I normally pick whichever oval is vacant so I can ignore what disobedient pup does. He’s harmless but he’s also probably 60 lbs of muscle that likes to flirt, hump, and chase balls. So both ovals were free, I take one, close all the lil gates so the dog can’t bolt out to chase another dog. 2 mins later some idiot brings his 2 lil boys, by little I mean 3ish. Still wobbly on their feet… AND a basketball size bouncy ball. Ummm talk about teasing a poor labrador.

  1. If fletch bites the ball, it will pop
  2. If fletch sprints after the ball and small fetus is in the way, it is not my fault
  3. You don’t know if my dog thinks your children are stuffed animals
  4. Use the f’n other VACANT oval, 3 feet away, separated by a small fence… This way neither of us have to worry. He’ll no am I sprinting with fletch on a leash!! B

Retarded much?

Rant over!!!

Cbear- at least he woke you rather than shitting himself! Hahaha. Will you get another dig anytime soon, Joey reincarnate?!?

Diet - low day- spread over 3 meals instead of 5 : / Not posting details because it consisted of too much protein powder due to being away from home (back habit)

W/O - warm-up/ mobility, 531 Deadlift, good morning, GHR, ab roller

just got home from visiting our 26 year old friend that had a stroke while we were all on vacation in Fiji over 1 month ago. He was just flown back to his home town of Melbourne after having been in Sydney his that is where he was airlifted out of Fiji to. Soooo good to see him. But so sad to see him paralyzed. At least his personality is still there and he is able to make minor communication. But geesh…Hard day. He’s so young. Chris has been really good friends with him for 15+ years.

Make the most of life. You never know what tomorrow will bring :frowning: