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Nothing to Do With Abortion


Concerning abortion, this thread starts off with the word once in the title and only this post. I started that way, where it turns I have no clue.

Do you love Christ?

Christ said - "If you love Me, you will keep My Commandments, and I will come to you and We will make Our Home in you."

I need to pray more, :' |

My GOD I need to pray more.



And the best part is, if there is a higher power that takes issue with that fact, the "glorious afterlife" that higher power offers isn't really all that glorious.

Ya know what I'm saying?


implosion in 3....2....1....


Yeah, I'm trying to spark a debate, lol.

Let's see if it happens or I just get yelled at a lot, lol.




You are like the catholic Tiribulus.


No, although I disagree with tiribulus on most everything, he is a very smart guy. Kneedragger should have been called knuckledragger.


So is this now the catholicnewz.omg?


I agree with you Testy, Tirib is a really smart guy. I agree a lot with Tiribulus but not 100%, but he does make me think and understand my faith that much more.


Ha exactly. You don't believe in an entity that "loves you unconditionally" but does not speak to you?? Burn in hell for eternity!


He doesn't even know what he's saying. Ja, ja, ja.


Maybe pray less and DO more??


Does it matter? From what I've been told he loves me.


Your father loves you. Do you not spend time talking with him?


His love isnt contingent on my conversational frequency, it is inherit and unconditional.

For someone who's religious beliefs do not recognize Christ as anything more than a man, by that logic doesnt he still love my little heathen jewish booty by design in the event that he is?


Yes God/Jesus does love you no matter what.

Waittz you know I am your friend, so I am not going to sugar coat this. God is Love, but he also believes in Justice just as equally. God demands blood for the atonement of sins. You know this from the Torah. The question is who's blood is going to pay for your sins?


This is where the train comes of the tracks (in one of many areas) in my opinion, and why I am completely confident that if there is a higher being, I'm in good graces.

You don't need church for this, you don't need prayer. You don't need anything but an honest feeling in your heart and soul, and a correction of action. (ie: you may think killing is your sin, and pray for forgiveness, but if you walk away from the prayer and slay another person and go back and kneel, I find it hard ot believe you are saved simply by going through the motions of praying again.) Which logically leads to my point that, you don't need any motions of rituals at all, but only honesty with yourself and doing right in action.

I don't think there is anything wrong with those things, like praying, loving a jewish man who died on a cross a couple thousand years ago, going to church, reading the bible, any of it. And I respect people who do those things. I wouldn't put someone down for it. I just don't think it is necessary.

This is an omnipotent being we are talking about right? The creator of all that is? To think that being cares whether or not you go to mass every Sunday, when your lifetime is a blip to that being, because time is meaningless to it, seems, I don't know, like a waste of effort. Because walking into a church and going through mass doesn't mean a damn thing if your heart isn't true.


I'll find out when I get to the otherside.


Yes. But other than the commandment 'Thou shalt not kill' I don't know what that has to do with abortion.
Most people believe killing is wrong whether or not they believe in God or love him. My job is to prove that abortion is the taking of a human life and is therefore wrong and should be stopped and not supported, approved of, etc.


I am sure Angry Chicken will fulfill your prediction with a long wordy diatribe against religion, religious people, God, the Bible and anything of the like.