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Nothing Special But...


I went from this:


To this




and this. One year of training, lost 40 pounds while putting on muscle. I feel proud even though I've still got a lot of progress to make.


Definitely moving in the right direction....keep it up!


Dont give up, We all start somewhere.


X2 Keep at it.


You're very special bro. Now, read the rules to the forum and get out of here!


I got a leg shot and a back shot, isn't that all the rules require?


I just copy and pasted the 3rd post
"Needs atleast one front upper body pose, be that most muscular/front double bi ect.

Needs atleast one back pose, be that a lat spread/back double bi.

Needs atleast one shot of your legs.

The more standard poses you do, the better.

Unless you have 4-5 pictures of standard poses please spare us the myspace shot where you show us your abs.

This is not hot or not, this is not myspace, you won't have 15 year old girls trying to suck your dick because you're a lean 150. This is a BODYBUILDING site, and unless you look like you have been lifting for at least a year, go ahead and don't post your pictures.

There are other forums, if you haven't been lifting very long, go ahead and skip this, use the beginner forum.

If you have less than 20 posts it screams "deuchebag who wants an ego boost" to post a thread here, especially if you don't include diet/training/stats. I don't care if you're ronnie coleman, you need to contribute something before posting your pictures for people to judge.

This leads me to my last one, include all the statistics you can.

How long have you been lifting? How much do you weigh? How tall are you? What are your goals? Are you natural? How much do you lift? What does your diet look like? How about your training?

If your lifts are good include videos as some one will probably call you on them. "


Despite the lack of following the stickies, you've made a good start. Keep at it.


In general you would have been better off posting in the "Performance Photos" forum - that's where most transformations or photo logs are at. Keep it up man.


^lemonman456 Oh, I just read the OP in the rules post.


Hey, that's more than a lot of posters. Nice work, now keep on trucking!