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Nothing Like a Bag Hanging From a Tree in your Yard :)



When I was 12 years old, I watched Rich Man Poor Man. The patriarc of the Family, an old WW1 German vet played by Edward Asner, had a heavy bag hanging from a tree in his yard. Ever since I have always wanted one. Finally got it in the Spring of 2011.

I started Boxing in 1981 at the fabled Cabbagetown Boxing Club in Toronto. Did a little Muay Thai At Evolution MAFA in Mississsauga 3years ago. After a brief visit to say hello, Kru Gerrald convinced me to start up again. I am very rusty and will continue to post my results.

I wish everyone on T-Nation well!!!!!!



Can't get the video. Can you post the you tube link?


video fail?


not solved yet



I though It was just a matter of paste the link, here it is again. Sorry guys I didn't hink it would be so complicated LOL.

This is my channel and it's the last upload



Copy paste doesn't seem to be working for me. I'll try attaching the video. My channel is spartan1965 so check it out if you like.




I think this is the video you were trying to post, at least it seems to be the only video related to your post on the Spartan1965 channel.

Copy and paste the address from from the address bar of the stand alone video page, not the spartan1965 channel page.

Hope this helps.


Robert A


Damn! Now I get it. Robert, I can't thank you enough!!!!



minus a few points for the Affliction shirt. I am just saying dont be that guy with the Affliction shirt.

On top of that I am gonna say lack of intensity. I am just gathering you were just hitting lightly to show it hanging but ya no intensity in hitting the bag isnt my thing.


Hey, I got it 4-5 years ago when it was a cool new thing LOL. It's one of those very old shirts in the yard with. I am very rusty and at 45 yrs old not what i once was. I had finished my workout and asked my son to take a quick vid. It really was jsut to get some things started on my channel and showing the bag and great environment was the main purpose.

It's all good fun man, i appreciate the comments though and will certainly work on the intensity!!!!!!


Im jealous. I need a heavybag hanging from a tree now instead of my garage.


Symeon, get the Bas Rutten workout cd's. He will call out instructions & combinations to use on the heavy bag. It will help your intensity when you are responding to his voice instead of thinking about what you should do next.

Ha ha, yes, ditch the Affliction shirt, no offense. It did make me smile, though.

Your neighborhood has lovely trees.

Don't worry about your age, I'm 45, too. Hard training, good food, & diligent recovery & your fitness will skyrocket.

Welcome to the combat sports forum, we're happy to have you.


MsP Love the new avatar.

nad op - cool for getting shit done.


Thanks, KMC!