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Nothing Impressive, Just Progress


I have a long way to go, but here I am. My name is Daniel, and I have been lifting/dieting inconsistently for the past 3.5 years. You probably can't tell I work out, but that's ok.....I view it all progressively.

21 years old
165 lbs
2nd week on Anabolic diet(3000 cals)
Starting Wendlers 5/3/1
Sun - 5 mi jog
Mon - 20 min sled drag
Tues - 2 hour rucksack march
Wed - 45 min LISS elliptical
Thurs - 20 min sled drag
Fri - 5 mi jog
Sat - Off


You have a lot to be proud of


Youve come a long way, be proud of what you've achieved. Btw, whats an 'anabolic diet?' I gave you a 4


Good that you are finally achieving results. Did your Programm and nutrition suck that hard? How could you lift for 3,5 years and not see results?





come on man. it's one of the longest threads on this site.



good job