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Ok, I'm gonna try keeping a log. Currently just trying to keep some muscle while training for an ultramarathon. I'm not nearly as strong as some of the awesome women here but what the fuck, I'll log my shit anyway :slightly_smiling:

Today was leg day...looked a little somethin like this:

Squats 45x10 65x10 95x8 115x8 135x3 165x1x1 105x15 for burnout

Leg Press 90x12 180x12 270x8 160x15 for burnout probably could have went heavier

Lunges onto box 45x5 65x5 95x5x5 (5 reps per leg)

Superset { Leg Extensions 50x12 60x12 70x12 80x10
Lying Leg Curls 60x10 70x10 80x10 90x10

Glute ham raises x15x15x15


Sweet log name. I'll be checking in to see the progress.

Will there be pin up pictures? :slight_smile:

Great squat. What is that like a 1.3 x's body weight!?!?!

All that work PLUS running trails!! Where do you get all that energy?

It's like you have something young in you...


welcome!! logs are greatand for me very helpful, I hope you keep it up:)

nice ghr's too !!


Lol! Please tell me this is NOT a euphamism.

Yay!My lover is back!!

Ugh! I shudder at anything that requires "burnout" - nice work!

What exactly does the ultra marathon entail? Sounds fun!


Thanks everyone :slightly_smiling:

Yes Masch, your lover is back smooch

This particular race is 115 miles over 6 days through the Colorado Rockies. Should be challenging :slightly_smiling:

And JD, you are pretty funny...this is why I <3 you


Ultramarathon is hard-core. Glad to see that you're keeping a log over here.


Great stuff. I'm doing a half marathon in just over a week and I thought that was long enough. One thing I notice is that I have enough energy to run for a considerable time, but my legs start to tie up after a while. Do you do anything special for muscular endurance or do you generally just train for strength in the gym and let the running handle the rest?


Thanks Veg...the farthest I've run is 50 miles but that was all in one shot. I'm hoping my joints and feet hold up to 6 days of pounding.


Tie up as in cramp?

This is gonna be new for me to keep up lifting as I increase mileage so its all just a crap shoot :slightly_smiling:

Thats awesome you're doing a half...I think thats one of my favorite distances to run.


I have my sights on an ultra someday. So far though I've struggled with injuries even just through the marathon distance. I hope you log your running training as well. I'd like to read about that and how you balance it in with the lifting.


I think it helps that ultras are on trails as opposed to the regular marathons on concrete. I have struggled with running injuries as well but come hell or high water I'm doing this race if only to just cross it off my bucket list. Once its done I think I might hang up my distance running shoes.

What kind of injuries have you dealt with?


Squats lookin good sugar. No wonder that backside is a thing of beauty.


There's an innuendo in there but it's WAY to easy :slight_smile:

It would be cool if you log your running in here also. How many miles are you running a week? Are you trying to run X miles in X minutes?


<3 YAY!!!! <3


lol! Yeah, that innuendo is way too easy...I thought it as I typed that sentence :slight_smile:

At this point I'm just trying to build my running base back up to START the actual training for this race. This week I'm only doing 18 miles total then next week it'll go to 21 then 24...then the real training begins. I'm averaging running three times a week then once real training starts I'll go to 4 times a week. Lifting will be three times a week broken down into back & biceps, legs, and then shoulders chest & tris.


I just kinda wandered into this thread.....

and I feel...I dunno....good.

'warm and fuzzy' good.

I like it. Think I'll hang around a little while.


OMO got a log!

Nice leg day, no wonder Maschy complained about all that you put her through ;D

That Ultramarathon sounds scary =(
Is it your first time doing something like that?


I've done a ton of road marathons, trail 50k races and that one 50 miler but nothing like this stage race...and NOTHING in altitude like what this race entails. I'm going to CO next month to see how I react to the altitude...I'm hoping its not too horrible lol!

Print and Edgy have made an appearance...now my log is complete :wink:


I'll look forward to following your log. As a brand-new runner, I'd also like to hear about your ultra-marathon training. Hardcore!


:wink: Ah Bre...that new screen name still throws me every once in a while