Nothing But Time, Which Program?

Hey guys, new to the forums, and I’m coming back from a long lay off. It’s been close to 4 years since I’ve been in the gym. After my Mom died I just lost all motivation. I’m ready to get back at it now. I’m looking for a little advice. Even though I wasn’t lifting, I continued to read training and nutrition articles. I’m wondering which type of program I should start back with. I have the luxury of being able to train whenever I want, as many times as I want per day, which is how I trained when I was in the Army.

I’ve done Starting Strength in the past after a lay off due to surgery. I’ve also done 5/3/1 BBB challenge from Wendlers article. I purchased Wendlers latest E-book, The Juggernaut Method, and The Greyskull Method. I’m also very interested in trying a few things I’ve read from Coach Thib. Multiple workouts per day, multiple times per week isn’t an issue, as that was how I trained while in the Army for 12 years.

So if it was you, what path would you take, and why?

2 a day training can be effective but unless you’re an elite olympic athlete there really is no point imo. Better off training 4 days a week for 1 to 2 hrs per session.

5/3/1: How to Build Pure Strength 5/3/1 is good for 4 days a week setup.

You wanna be big, strong or bigstrong? Competing or just lifting for yourself?

Whatever the answer…

Srsly tho a year of training and strength should come back quick. Muscle probably a bit slower. Muscle memory is legit and it won’t take you as long to get back your gains as getting them the first time.

Dunno how strong you are but even if advanced would still train intermediate level programs for a bit to let muscle memory (almost like noob gains) go to work. Once you are near your previous levels then you can switch back onto whatever program you were using before your lay off.

If I had all the time would probably run a twice a day 3 days a week program with fun conditioning like cycling or football thrown in all over the place. Something like Bench/Upper Assistance & Accessories in the AM and Deadlift or Squat alternating / Lower Assistance & Accessories in the PM and doing my own programming because whatever name you slap on your program it all boils down to the same basic principles. Would be nice to be fresh and focused mentally and physically for each powerlift.

Just because you can lift 3 times a day 7 days a week doesn’t mean you get special gains. You can probably take all the drugs in the world and train twice a week and still do too much volume, under recover/overreach and make sub optimal gains nvm having 20ish workouts. If you have all the time in the world and you really want to be doing lifting related shit perfect your diet, maximise fatigue management e.g. sleep loads + nap frequently and minimise stress/relaxing activities and work on mobility/go to yoga classes and fuck bitches.

Maybe set some fitness related goals that are still fun like a sub 10sec 100m sprint (Usain Bolt pls) or run a marathon or something skill related or a sport.

Maybe spend some time with friends/family… nah fuck that shit. Get in contact with Boris Sheiko and pay the man so he can get you on dem russian gains. inb4 1850 total

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Right… until the mid-80s only 5 people had ever achieved that goal and even now the number sits in the low 100s but yeah a “fun” goal LOL. If you run that, unless you’re an American or Jamaican you go to the Olympics.

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It’s the flurry of denial that makes it obvious.

To be fair you’d probably be an expert in and know obvious when you see it being Captain Obvious and all.

Well we all have different goals… What are yours?

If I had nothing to do all week I would be so busy!

Monday AM - 3km run
Monday PM - Oly lifting practice

Tuesday AM - Gun/weapons training
Tuesday PM - Muay Thai Training

Wednesday AM - Recovery/walk/yoga
Wednesday PM - Mass gain upper

Thursday AM - 400m runs
Thursday PM - Muay Thai Training

Friday AM - Guns/weapons training
Friday PM - Oly Lifting practice (light)

Saturday AM - Mass gain lower
Saturday PM - Lower body pump/conditioning

Sunday AM - sleep in
Sunday PM - eat

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I know when I’m joking, I will string together two or three statements that are serious (a marathon, something skill-based, take up a sport) then randomly throw in something that seems doable to anyone but those with a clue (sub 10s 100m). That makes it very clear to everyone that I was kidding.

Don’t be so upset that you made a clown out of yourself, we’re more than used it now.

If it brings amusement or laughter to you all, hell even an inside smile a clown I will gladly be

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Your posts are fucking hilarious man

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MaNe* 0_o

Have you done any kind of activity in the past couple of years? The problem with training multiple times a day is after a layoff, your body will run into the ground after about 3 days. If you have in fact been sedentary, start out with 2 days of lifting and 1-2 days of conditioning for a couple of weeks. After 2-4 weeks (depending on how long you need), go to 3 lifting, 1-2 conditioning. Work up from there. Stick to compounds (I would go either 5/3/1, or Hepburn) and make your conditioning short and sweet (10-20 minutes) with loaded carries, burpees, and throws if you can. If you feel the itch to train more in your first few weeks, drag a sled or walk with or without a weighted vest. It doesn’t really matter, just make it recoverable. It won’t take long for you to bounce back if you were already in shape before. Good luck brother, and sorry for your loss, but good on you for wanting to get back.


Totally forgot to put goals, my apologies.
I’d prefer to focus mostly in increasing strength in the big 4. Aesthetics aren’t really a focus, but I want to look like I lift.

I’ve never been a big fan of running, even in the Army. However, I think being able to run a 3-5k is something I should be able to do at any point in time. I don’t need to win a race, but competing could be fun.

I appreciate the input from everyone.

If you have this much free time, then there’s no reason why your nutrition won’t be 100% dialed in. Schedule two food shopping days and two “kitchen workouts” where you meal prep in bulk. Dan John talked more about that approach here.

Other than that, I’d go with what Oldbean said. Start conservative and gradually progress up to more work. As another conditioning-type plan, you might consider Waterbury’s PLP challenge with two months of progressively more challenging bodyweight work.

Where are you right now, height/weight/general fat level (love handles, moobs, and double-chin; skinny-fat; etc.)?

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