Nothing But Iron Will

Hi everyone. I’m new here, though I’ve been a reader since half a year. I decided to make an account and start logging my workouts and meals, because I think that’s a nice way to stay motivated and strict all the way. Another thing is that I can possibly have feedback as well about my regimen.

First things first, my name is Ivaylo and I’m 16 years old, soon to be 17(December). I’m from Bulgaria and I’ve been training seriously for about a year now. I weigh ~82-5 kgs in my height is 191cm. I started training due to my obese problem (~120-5kg) but managed do go down to 82. Photos of before will be posted if anyone wants. :smiley: Also, I hope you understand me as english is not my native language. One more thing - I’m used to using kg’s and cm/m as measures.

So for today -

Overslept by 40min and couldn’t have breakfast (my gf woke me up, thank’s God)
5g BCAA, lemon water, green tea.

Back day -

  1. Barbell rows(as mentioned in Scott Abel’s article)
    2 warm-up sets and then 4x10 w/ 50 kgs.

  2. Lat pulldowns
    Again 2 warm-up sets x15 and then 4x10-12 ; on the last set I dropped the weight by 10 kg’s and did couple of rest/pause reps.

  3. One-arm rows
    4x8x22.5kg dumbell

  4. Seated cable rows

  5. Deadlift
    5x5x60 kg (I thought of increasing the weight, because I could rep some more but decided to increase it next time)

Had a protein shake - MyProtein Impact whey Chocolate and Calcium/Magnesium/Zinc/D3 supplement called Calmatzin (not quite sure how it’s spelled, but in bulgarian it’s like that :D)

Now I’m going to have

  1. Chicken fillet
  2. Zucchini with traditional bulgarian yogurt(amazing) and some garling and dill. One of my grandmother’s specialty. I love it.
  3. Mashed potatoes
  4. Cucumber/tomato salat with no dressing

Any feedback will be highly appreciated.

Quick update.

Was out with friends and had two meals -
Sandwich with bulgarian cheese,tomatoes,cheese and flat sausage.
Ice cream in melon with couple strawberries and as I saw half a banana, it was for two and my girl managed to eat most of the fruit leaving just a couple for me.

Will have some meat for dinner with a salad, no carbs.


Woke up - Warm lemon water.
Egg omlette

5g bcaa, Oxyelite while watching the tomorrowland stream ;(;(;(

Going to smash 'em arms baby.


Smashed arms. No post workout shake, though.
I had meatballs,stuffed papers with mince and rice.

Snack was 3-4 hours later
~70-80 g. peanuts.

The dinner was the same as my lunch. It was the only thing we had in our fridge, but my mom is cooking fish and pork chops for today, yea baby.

Rest day, watching the Tomorrowland stream and crying.

Woke up - lemon water
2 slices of bread with cheese and a lot of turkey ham

Will have fish for lunch and chops for dinner with TOMATOES <3.
As for snacks, I will have some almonds or walnuts, all home-made

F*kin leg day it is.
Scrambled eggs
Green tea

Mountain dog legs

Post - MyProtein Impact Whey

Pork chops with zucchini and salad
Raw dessert with chia and hemp protein

I had a light dinner, though. Didn’t know what I ate tbh, one of my granny’s dishes but it had some meat in it.
With tarator and large salad.
I better go to sleep or I will eat again…