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Nothing Annoys Me More than Some Guys on Tren at the Gym

I see a lot of that stuff as just trying to not be who they are, trying to become someone else. Not necessarily faking either. They’re actually putting in the work.

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I gotta say, if nothing annoys you more than the way some guy you don’t know exercises, you have a very comfortable life.


I’ve seen the name Rich Piana many times, never felt the need to see what he was about based on the context. Seeing those “badass” statements on shirts would just crack me up to be honest.

Tend to find that gym users are becoming more introverted, especially the younger folk.

Asking someone if you can work in them usually results in a painfully awkward vibe.

It’s almost as if they think that hitting the gym will create personality hypertrophy

‘If I get the gym and get ripped then maybe the chicks will flock’

No mate, you’ll still be an awkward bastard with bigger muscles :man_facepalming:


Its actually a mutant supplement line, but was promoted by rich piana.

So glad I have a
Well stocked garage gym.


If only I knew this 5 years ago, I probably never would have started lifting.

I haven’t had any issues with people at my usual gym, small 24 hour place. I think the biggest annoyance is that the 45s always go missing from the 1 squat rack there and there’ll be 6-10 25s in their place. Also, someone bent the safety pins so they’re a pain to set up now.

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Probably over 2/3 of the time, me asking to work in has led them to abandon the equipment completely, after 0-1 more sets

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I think that’s pretty common, nothing about you… Maybe lol

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I always assumed it was because they were out of breath due to the negative cardio effects.

Of course, the valley in my town is 6400 feet above sea level, so basically unless you live there, you are out of breath walking anywhere.

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I keep seeing the term “tren dick,” so assume they’re grumpy because they can’t get laid.

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i meant gymwise haha, of course its not what annoys me most in general life, that’d be concerning.

I gotta say, I found blowing out my ACL far more annoying than other guys exercising differently than me.

Oh true that lol, i had that with my shoulder, sucks

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You have an ACL in your shoulder? That does suck, your mobility must be severely restricted

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You can’t prove he doesn’t have an ACL in his shoulder.

I got delts everywhere. Arm delts, chest delts, calf delts.

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Would those delts all have a medial portion?

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Since they re-purposed my hamstring tendon to be an ACL for my surgery, I now clutch my knee and go “OW, my hamstring” to antagonize people.