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Nothing Annoys Me More than Some Guys on Tren at the Gym

Probably every gym has a few of these guys.

I’ve used gear, I’ve been on Tren, no judgment on that, but I never became such an epic douchbag in the gym.

Most annoying thing is these guys that have literally 0 Emotion on their face aside from a grumpy look that seems like they are pissed of 24/7 and not doing anything else besides being angry at the world, or thinking they are some sort of elite species that does not communicate to common man.

Totally self absorbed attitude shut out from the outside world, like not even a Hi, or friendly smile or gesture to anyone, just a pissed off look and angry lifting.

Like act normal ffs, damn these guys annoy me lol.


Do they also wear flat-brimmed baseball caps with retail stickers still on them, hooded sweatshirts, string tank tops, baggy Adidas pants, Air Jordan’s or other clunky sneakers typically worn by fifteen year olds, and/or basketball shorts and Jerseys one frequently sees on clearance racks at Modell’s or Dicks?

Tattoo sleeves? Do they walk very slowly after entering the gym and surveil it while having an expression of having a whiff of a bad odor or that anyone not dare get in their way? Do they bob their head and become theatrical when rap is played at the gym?

Many are sneaker heads or have some other infantile characteristics.

This is the uniform and behavior of many NYC and Long Island gym goers, so I’m quite familiar. I’m not sure if all use Tren. How do you know when someone is?


I don’t do tren… and that describes me at the gym most days. People half ass-ing it, on their phones on machines, not racking their weights, putting weights in the wrong places, fags eye-balling me on the floor, ugly chicks hitting on me, fags flirting with me, fags looking at my cock at the urinal, people not respecting others basically … you never know why someone looks pissed off. So yeah, I walk into the gym with a FU attitude. How do you know what people are on?


Psychic Snowflake!

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So, what’s really bothering you? Don’t hold back.

It people not putting their weights back ain’t it?


Literal lulz post.

Yeah, not re-racking is #1, cock watching is probably a distant 5th. It only happened once.

The point is I don’t do tren.

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Haha! I don’t know where he got intuition for tren use but he described half the men in my gym. See my post.

I liked gyms better back in the NY guido heyday.

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Dude, you haven’t lived until some guy offers you enough to seriously consider it!

It’s the way they walk SLOWLY into the gym

Like Ric Flair entering the ring.

They’re a fucking mess.

However as Bob Morton said in Robocop

‘They’re old, we’re young and that’s life’ :cold_sweat::man_facepalming:


Lol just read @BrickHead ‘s post

He get’s it

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This sounds like completely normal and appropriate behaviour. Are you new to this gym because the only thing I’ll add is you are allowed to give a short nod of approval or eyebrow raise when passing someone you notice has been attending the gym at the same time as you have for at least 6 months.


This, as I mentioned! They come in slowly and surveil the place with a stank face.

Like a lion first entering the plains…


Yeah, lol. It’s a facade and fashion for most though. If you talk to some you realize they’re nice people who’re just too wrapped up in hip hop and “leaving humanity behind”.

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This chick I deemed worthy of my attention(sort of joking, she puts in the honest effort) told me that she would have never talked to me because I look so intimidating. Like the Rock, no bs. I told her that most of the people there annoy me and I only want people to know that I mean business when I’m there.

Hahaha. I love that. Can you elaborate/explain?

I have sleeves ! But I know the douchers you speak of.

Usually wearing Beats, head bobbin’ and ditty boppin’ to their mumble douchey rap playlist, sometimes wearing sunglasses inside, constantly on phone.

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I think it was one of the slogans of Rich Piana’s brand. A lot of these guys wear shirts with similar badass statements.

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One more thing. You do know many people who turn to the gym do so for not-so-good reasons right?