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Notes on My Dianabol/Nondrolone

Cliff Notes at the Bottom

I am in the beginning of week 4. I have put on 10 solid functional pounds of iron moving machinery so far and the gains are still rapidly increasing. This has been a really good first hand learning experience. I am enjoying it very much… I am putting on much size and my strength is increasing every day. I hope someone else can learn from my rollercoaster ride of a first cycle and the more experienced guys can add this to their little infobank. I also like typing it out so I dont have to worry about remembering it so much. Sorry this post is so cluttered

Starting Weight: 140 - Current: 150
Age: 22 - Experience: Many years I started in 8th grade. Was at a hard plateu. I think years of extensive cardio limited my strength

1cc Nondrolone Deconate per week. Ventrogluteal rotating cheeks
20mg Dianabol per day

Other supps:
GNC Protein Powder
GNC Amino 1000
Fish Body Oil
Novedex XT

I have felt a little under the weather but the gains make up for it. I also have no sex drive and my balls shrunk but I can still get it up, its not as easy as it used to be though. I attribute my feeling under the weather and low sex drive to lack of Test. I would like my next cycle to be Test only but first i’d like to retain my gains to the best of my ability and put on some size and strength naturally first. Get my diet more organized and what not.

When I begun I didnt have proper PCT. i got excited and had my friend do my first injection. i thought nolvadex was something I could buy at the store but what i had really seen is cleverly named Novedex XT. I was obviously wrong so I tried to do the best I could by taking TRIBEX and Novedex XT daily to keep my test up. This seems to help my balls a small amount but not enough. I eventually got some real nolvadex from a new source… He told me to take 2 a day… but from what I read here I might try a taper and probably about 3 weeks after my final injection. I didnt think i’d care much about PCT because I was so desperate for results… but as soon as I got those sharp pains in my balls, and my sex drive disappeared, and it began getting hard to get a boner… I decided PCT is top priority. I will never begin another cycle without having PCT already in hand. I feel this combo of drugs is perfect for me for size gains but I think test is more fun to be on because I am not aggressive like I used to be either. This is a good first cycle for me but in the future I would add test like all the experienced people say… It should reduce all the negative effects ive had on top of helping gains. Another thing ive come across is high blood pressure… Sometimes my heart would beat really freaking fast and even irregularly. I went to the store and asked for help and fish oil was reccomended. Ever since the first fish oil capsule was injested I have felt much better. I am also trying to keep my sodium intake low, to minimize this problem. I am having financial trouble now but for the next cycle I will definately add in milk thistle and what ever else seems to help your liver and kidneys deal with the extra workload. If I was a heavyset person or someone prone to gyno I would also make sure that is taken care of ahead of time by buying the proper drugs or losing weight. i’d also add in a good multivitamin why not. some vitamins can be really helpful for reducing side effects i hear, like b6. Back on the topic of PCT: i think i will halt my TRIBEX and Novedex XT now that I have real nolvadex… and resume using them when I begin PCT along with homogen b52 (strong stuff). next time i would go the extra mile and get some HCG or clomid, whatever the best possible PCT is… i’ll have to do more research.

My lifts: increasing exponentially
Bench: 155x5 to 185x5
Squat: 185x5 to 225x5 super deep
Dead: 185x5 to 225x5 grip issues
i could probably do more on all of these if i tried to max out again. i get stronger every time i lift… today i almost hit 10 reps of 135 on incline bench… which is good for me.

As far as looks goes, everyone is noticing. i’m surprised how much ladies are checking me out sometimes its very blatant. i have gained 10 but it looks like much more im guessing because of water retention and the strength increases are just as dramatic. some old guy grabbed my arm the other day in the line at circle k to see what it feels like. the hot women that i would never dream of talking to are checking me out… This is great! Also I have night sweats a day or so after my injections which is common.

/Cliff Notes - I learned first hand to:
-Take helper supplements for general health.
-Get PCT before you start.
-Plan well ahead of time including diet and workout plan

If any noobs have questions id be happy to help, if any pros want to flame me at least add in some constructive criticism please. My questions… best sups for heart/blood pressure/liver/kidneys?

You weigh a buck 50. That’s after a cycle.

You count training age all the way back to 8th grade.

Noobs: read his post and then make a note to never ever do what he has done.

Boxer: Here’s some constructive criticism - stop fucking posting in here. Stop offering advice to noobs. You are a noob yourself and will get someone hurt with your ignorance.

I suggest you find another forum as you have royally fucked your reputation in this one. (Directed to OP)

ya you should not be cycling. your body weight and strength are no where near your natural cap.

yea i weigh a buck 50 afer… and about 135 before… that means probably i need them more than someone that already weighs 225 and is fat. i had not gained any weight in YEARS. maybe you dont think i should have started, but its too late and i dont regret it, so get over it. i think i needed it and i would have been wasting my time if i didnt do it and continued busting my ass for nothing. i know i can do a lot more naturally and i plan to do that before ever doing this again

instead of just talking shit why dont you tell WHY im such a retard and WHY i shouldnt give advice. i have more experience than someone who has never injected himself… and although i didnt go about it the right way at first. i learned from it and am telling others not to make my mystakes… so say i did make a terrible mistake, which i didnt, why be such an asshole about it? i wouldnt do that… rainjack has something personal against me because i called him out in the other thread for being a negative douche… let me look for it

heres it is

You sure you’re 22? You sound more like a 15 year old.

i’m definately a legit 22.

[quote]Boxer666 wrote:
… rainjack has something personal against me because i called him out in the other thread for being a negative douche… let me look for it[/quote]

You called me out? LMAO!

I would have to give a shit about you before I “have something personal against you”. If it makes you feel like a big boy to think you have called me out - then by all means - feel like a big boy.

I will, however, repeat my warning to the noobs: Listening to this idiot will get you hurt. The only thing a noob, or anyone else for that matter, should take away from this thread is what not to do.

My turds weight more than this little kid.

you have serious issues. i didn’t “call you out” like to fight you… i called out how stupid you were being and here you are doing it again.

how will listening to me get someone hurt? honestly… you seriously have some issues. i think your steroid use has taken the proteins out of your brain

Might I add that you apparently lack mathematical intelligence in addition to common sense.

No one’s lifts increase EXPONENTIALLY. If yours did, then your 5RM on bench press would actually be 24,025.

Pull your head out of your ass or leave this forum.

As of now, you are definitely not welcome seeing how you have refused to take advice from anyone with reliable knowledge of AAS, as well as giving shitty advice to others who have less an idea of what they’re doing than you. Shut the fuck up, read, do some legitimate research, and don’t post for a week.

During that week, start taking notes on the threads you read here. And then start a new thread with everything you have learned. I suggest you start in the newbie department-- cycle planning and the steroid newbie thread.


oh come on… i didnt mean the exponentially literally. i meant explosively. also i have not refused to take advice, i have taken plenty advice. what shitty advice have i given? everything you said is false you idiot.

you tell people ‘don’t post for a week’ and expect people to listen to you? then if they dont you condemn them for ‘not taking anyones advice’ ?

instead of writing paragraphs of shallow personal attacks why dont you write 2 sentances, with your amazing knowledge, and enlighten me and the other noobs who read the thread.

Both World and Rainjack do plenty of enlightening…on threads that deserve it.

[quote]Boxer666 wrote:
i have more experience than someone who has never injected himself… [/quote]

experience does not equal knowledge… practice makes permanent NOT perfect.

[quote]Boxer666 wrote:
you have serious issues. i didn’t “call you out” like to fight you… i called out how stupid you were being and here you are doing it again.

how will listening to me get someone hurt? honestly… you seriously have some issues. i think your steroid use has taken the proteins out of your brain[/quote]

You were the one who used the term - I just laughed at the notion of someone with such an obvious Napoleon complex thinking he has the ability (physical, or keyboard warrior) to call anyone one out.

1cc deca per week? And you think you are qualified to give advice? Like I have been saying, the only example you could possible set for noobs is to be the dipshit that they should avoid at all costs.

When the OP first started posting I was convinced it was a regular user using a new name to just try and be funny by trolling.

I have since had PM’s from boxer that were demonstrative of some of the worst attitude and knowledge towards AAS use I have ever witnessed.

It is beyond a joke now and I can only assume that this guy is for real.

Boxer you are really really making a major hash of everything you are trying to do here (AAS use and trying to make helpful threads) I think it would in fact be impossible to do any worse.

Please kid I implore you to stop what you are doing and find someone knowledgeable to help with your (natural) training down the gym, and over the next 5 years read lots and lots of info on AAS and then in 5 years time make a decision about doing a cycle.

where is the influx of morons coming from?

I thought he was a troll at first too, beggin’ to be told what the best OTC test booster is when he’s on a fucking cycle…

Boxer, I’m years away from steroid use, yet I learn absolutely nothing from you. So your comments about you are more experienced and useful than those who haven’t used are utter bullshit. You barely bench, squat, or deadlift your pathetic post cycle bodyweight. My lifts were where your’s are when I was in 10th fucking grade. (And this may be hard to believe but I was gasp natural)

Constructive criticism would be to learn how to eat and to train. Any fucker can walk around in a gym for 10 years and still know dick meaning his “experience” is useless.

this is fucking crazy! jesus…

Boxer… you would do well to lurk for a few months… just to learn a little more before posting.

At your level, it is better to research, read up, ask questions, and research again, rather than try and teach what small minority of people there are that know less than you! Fuck!

And i mean do this for a number of years…
I can quite honestly say i have been researching steroid use, pharmacology, interactions and effect for a little over 9 years now, and i still spend the majority of my time in this forum hoping to learn from some of the very knowledgeable people you have just offended.

I suggest you do the same.


to offer some advice to the OP.
Please begin your pct immediately.
I am not flaming you, but your cycle is of poor design and planning.
You have no testosterone base, this is why you have no libido and are struggling to ‘keep it up’ - please research the term deca dick.

You need a test base when using a 19nor steroid as you by now will be almost completely shut down.

You may find that buy week 6 one of these ‘hot ladies’ may want to get down to some sexy time with you, it wont happen, your dick will be limper than a piece of wet tissue.

Seriously, you deserved the above flaming, and im pretty sure there is more to come, but leave the unpleasant retorts out and stop your cycle.