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Note To Self


ok i spent the weekend in the brig.. ooohhh the fun i had. i HEARD the steelers won the super bowl. A bit of advise to anyone , when a cop tells you to go home.... go home. DONT say " Tell ya what barney ill go home if you have enough balls to make me go home" well he didnt but when the german sheppard got out of the back of the truck i was pretty sure he had more than enough balls to make me go home.

this is why i dont drink any more, i do shit like this.

i then precceded to try to make nice with the dog and give him a treat.... i shoud have tossed the treat and not tried to hand it to him, lets just say before the took me ot jail they took me to get 32 steches in my forarm wooohooo.

I got the assulting an officer(the dog)charges dropped and now im sitting here high on oxycotton and whiskey. Im never going out of my house again.


Sounds like you had fun!!



you sound like a moron


That sounds like a typical weekend I used to have.


We like to refer to people like you as
"Job Security" ;->



Dude, lay off the booze when you're going to drive. I may not be a cop but I'll sure as hell nail your ass to the wall should you ever plan to drink and drive when I'm around.

That said - how's your arm?


Ah, to be young again.....


Well at least now you have a story to tell, was it worth it?


I remember weekends like that...very vividly...some not so vivid, and of course, some I don't remember at all.




well it hurts like hell, but i got what i deserved. I think i was going to sleep in my car i didnt even have my keys which is why i didnt go home in reallity.


You think? You weren't even sure? HAHAH! Yeah, that's pretty wasted.


"this is why i dont drink any more, i do shit like this. "
and now high on oxy's and whisky!?! Looks like someones a bit of a drunk. Dont worry, it takes one to know one : )

Let us know when you've had enough, let us know when you want to give up the high cost of low living.

My moneys on, you'll be at the bar again tonight.


Now you will have a physical reminder of what happens when you are a dumbass! In the future anytime the urge strikes you to do something stupid, just look at your scar and say; "nope, been there, done that!"


spent the weekend in jail
Now out and celebrating by doing drugs...

Does your life really suck that bad that you routinely have to numb yourself to the point where common sense leaves you entirely?

Have you gleaned from your reading that we are drunken drug addicts routinely looking to piss off police officers?

I am constantly amazed by the capacity for stupidity some people show and equally amazed that more of them make it to adulthood without being killed.

hey man do me a favor, get yourself a vasectomy.


Sounds like you had an awesome time.

We want pictures of the arm!!!


the oxycotton is for the pain bro im not doing drugs . i have never smoked pot or done any kind of illicit drug in my life.


ok he is one.


lol. thats all i can say about this.


That looks AWFUL, man. OUCH.


nice pic...I'm not eating lunch today, so thanks for that. :slightly_smiling: