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Note to Self....Don't


argue politics on Facebook pages.

Oh my goodness.

I have to say to all you wacko wingnuts, socialist and commies thanks. This place is great.

I made the mistake of going onto sombodys post which is broadcast supporting healthcare reform, and I ending up being the big jerk and offensive and demeaning, immoral, and mean and disrespectful.....blah blah blah. I went into a 4 way liberal circle jerk about how great it is, and how costs will be lower and care and access improved...blah blah blah.
and debated with them.

They went nuts! It turned into how disrespectful and mean I was. "Don't accuse me of betrying our founding principles".....Frankly I had to leave the conversation because my keyboard was stained with their bleeding hearts.......and they actually started making me feel bad because "You came on my page and violated it WHAAAWHAAA"..


Anyway I love you FUCKERS! At least you can argue without taking it too personally!! and I can piss on any of your threads whenever I WANT!


I only aruge politics here because I know the people on here

1) can take it

2) are (for the most part) intelligent.

You could say that many of us take this very seriously and do our research... as compared with the average person talking about politics who doesn't know shit about shit.

Although, I have to say, after arguing politics here for so long, you get really good at it... and end up destroying people who don't know what they're talking about anywhere else.


Not to mention, there are a good handful of people here who can see through the bullshit, and interpret the long term outcome of such an endeavor like government run healthcare. The average person walking the street will usually believe almost anything. People here at T-Nation, who also buck the system with our unpopular yet effective ideas about nutrition and strength training, apply that same bucking principle to politics. I like coming here to learn from others who bring a point of view different than mine. That, and some of you bastards are pretty funny.


LOL, yeah, I made that mistake once. Now I just leave happy funny thoughts on Facebook and save anything that might hurt someone's feelings (read: "be debateable material) for here, haha.


This says a lot about society today....we are so afraid of offending anyone it's rediculous. Criticisim is not criticisim in its true definition anymore. Criticisim in politics and society today would be closer to the definition of disrespectful.


Yep even just on simple technicalities and facts .....it's fun! Yet then are afraid of you after that.

Most people I talk to don't know what is happening month to month, let alone day by day.


I added someone to my page who turned out to be a bleeding heart liberal. Every feed of his read like something from Mother Jones. You can turn on/off people's updates if you want. Addition by subtraction.


They are right you are a wing nut and a big jerk but we love you too:)


I find this offensive.


Get off my thread you greatful dead, lightningbolthead, stoned conservative motherfucking whacko!


Well, that and my parents are on it too and they REALLY don't need to know every thought that crosses through my head, lol.

Then again, it was my fault for accepting their requests, lol.


That's Grateful fuckin' Dead, to you mister...


There is more anonymity to posting on here as opposed to Facebook. I'm sure that is a major influence on how "discussing" politics can be different from T-Nation.


hmmm... that's funny, I argue politics on here because:

1) people can take it

2) people on here are crazy and I don't know where else I'd go to find the craziness.

Without PWI where would I have turned to to hear how Obama is a Kenyan-born Indonesian? Where would I learn how gay marriage is starting a new world order? Where would I have heard all those other crazy conspiracy theories before the election (remember the one about the "muslim" leader of kenya or somesuch?) This place has serious quality. I think there are two recent Birther threads... I'd have probably never even found WorldNetDaily w/o PWI... I love this place.


Mostly I come here to support the anti-welfare, non-foreign intervention, pro-life, pro-traditional marriage form of conservatism. If I'm not being called a bigot, some kind of sexualphobe, or women/poor/child/fetish- lifestyle hating troglodyte, every day...well, I just don't feel like I'm being productive enough for the cause.


Well. That's true.

It used to be good...


Ja, blame the anarchists for everything.


I find for those type of debates its really just best to post a bunch of links proving your points respectfully and let people make their own conlusions. If you really provide them with all the stuff that has been discussed on this board the past month or so and they still dont figure out how fucked the system is going to be then no amount of explaining will work.


When I mention that I spend considerable time on the political forum of a bodybuilding website, people shake their heads. Then I tell them that the level of argument, use of quotes and sources and just pure eloquence supersedes the one on the Scientific American, Guardian or BBC forums. This is pretty fucking good here.