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Note to Phill and Phyllis

Phill, this had to be a very special Mother’s Day for you knowing that your mom’s feeling better after her health scare a couple of weeks ago.

Phyllis, we’ve heard from Phill that you’re lurking on the forums these days so we just wanted to let you know the members of T-Nation are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. We can’t wait to hear that you’re back in the gym! Take care.


Thanks Lexie,

It was a special mothers day and a tough one at the same time. First time I have not been able to go for a visit in person.

Mom, has still been lurking about on occasion. Reading and learning.

Sorry about the lack of updates just not much to report. We are working on getting some weight back on her. (I am trying over the phone) I have her going as far as putting Grow in coffee, and just about anything that it would be palatable on.

Just trying to get as healthy and strong as she can before a week from tomorrow when go to see the doc about starting radiation.

As far as working out. Some very light stuff as well as walking, and just chilling outside in the sun.

Thanks again for the Mothers Day wishes, and I hope you also had a good day 4 you and yours.


Hi, Phyllis786!!! I just wanted to add my belated Happy Mother’s Days’ wishes as well as my Well Wishes to Lexie’s.

There’s a whole bunch of us on the forum that are praying for your speedy return to health . . . and deadlifting. (wink)

Damned Right!

We are behind you all the way!

best of luck.