Note to Mike Mahler

Just read your “Combat Conditioning” article. Nice job. (Side note to TC: Chris’ poodle wig picture was pretty funny, but that one of Charles Poliquin made me blow half a protein shake out my nose. I think the IT folks are going to bill me for a new keyboard, but it was worth it.)

Ditto - good job Mahler. Thanks for taking the initiative for the all the T-maggers.

Chris? Wearing a poodle wig? No man, that’s his 'do. He was the inspiration for Joe Dirt.

Mike, great job with the article. I’d love to see future articles on combat conditioning. Definitely show photos of the handstand pushups for those who haven’t done them or are having trouble doing them.

Yeah, it was a good intro into bodyweight exercises even though I’m not a fan of high reps. TC, Toney looks like a cool pup.

Mike - great article. I’ve been trying to do some more research on that, lately, and it was definitely helpful! Thanks for your effort. By the way, on the Hindu pushups, I know your arms bend on the arc FROM the initial ass up position TO the arched head up position, but what about going from the end position back to the initial? Is it a straight-arm push, or a reverse wave motion?