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Since I asked in this in the wrong place:


I saw this by accident. I don't post in training anymore.

I do not separate into off season and on season.

Sometimes I do power and strength each workout over a 3 - 5 week cycle, each workout also containing hypertrophy work.

Sometimes I use a 3 - 5 cycle which rolls week to week from speed sets (power) through heavy stuff (strength), each workout also contains hypertrophy work.

My DL workouts are usually a heavy(ish) single to double followed by speed triples. Else it's the singles only thing working up to a few heavy singles over a few weeks.

Then, I will do sets of 10 which might be touch and go, might be with pauses.

Sometimes touch and go for sets of 10 just feels like good work. I don't think that they will ultimately help my pulling. Triceps, lats, traps, erectors, etc. get a pump and I'm all "hey everybody, there's a bodybuilder over here!" Of course I lift alone so who "everybody" is, I don't know.

I'm not smart enough to answer your question well. But...I "think" all deadlifts for the sake of the deadlift event should be from a dead stop.

Deadlifts used for some other purpose (hypertrophy, cardio, "bar's still on the floor I might as well look busy," other) can be done in some other fashion such, for example, as touch and go.

I feel that I do power and strength each workout or in short order over a few weeks, often adding hypertrophy work. I think one can do power, strength and hypertrophy simultaneously or in short order and not need to split it into seasons. I think all deadlifts for the sake of the deadlift should be paused. I think one can do touch and go deadlifts if one is using that movement for something other than strength or power relative to competition.


Thanks for the answer. Your answer answers what I was looking for, I just didn't know quite what I was asking. Nobody who's a strong puller neglects any of those components, but there are a lot of differences when it comes to how it gets structured in training.

When you do your speed triples, how heavy are those usually for you, relatively? Do you stay pretty much right where your speed would drop if you increased the weight, or do you go lighter than that?


Wow, dude, that was your 6666th post. I feel honoured to have witnessed that. :wink:


The Sign of the Beast with a stutter.


Since I "pretend" that I can pull 600 still, I do my speed stuff with 335 to 365. 335 because it is an easy load with the 2 100 lb plates and 2 45s and so I have to pass through that whilst unloading, so I'll usually stop there. 365 because, I can still keep up my speed for 6 - 8 sets.

Given all that, I look for consistent bar speed for all reps/sets, with a good bend at start-of-pull and a bit of a whip at the top, you know bar travels above lockout level an inch or two. If either the bend or the rise aren't there, I'll call that the last set. I don't see the need for chains and all that because, in practice, I have not seen the need for chains and all that.

I've also done this thing I saw some dude on youtube do where I'll use somewhere in that same range (35-360) and see how quickly I can do 20 speed singles.

I think my record was 365 pounds for 20 in 4 minutes 25 seconds.

Getting back to your observation re "Nobody who's a strong puller neglects any of those components, but there are a lot of differences when it comes to how it gets structured in training", I've seen where some published programs ask the trainee to not try and do each element at the same time as I do, because, they say neither hypertrophy, nor strength nor speed can be optimized for rate of development if they are done simultaneously. Body can only adapt to one thing at a time.

But if I need to do hypertrophy for 4 months to optimize it, then power for 4 to optimize it and strength for 4 to optimize it, is that any worse than doing them all at once and, perhaps, developing each at 1/3 the rate? Still takes a year.

Okay, I used a shoe horn there to normalize the two approaches, but, whether I am right or wrong, get my theory?

I wanted to be ready to go. I mean, if I found a contest which was 3 weeks out, I could easily prep for it because my cycles were only 5 weeks long and I could bail out at any point without any big performance hit.